What is collagen? Collagen is a kind of protein. This special protein provides the integrity of our body. Collagen, which is the main building block of our skin, is also abundant in our bones, joints and bond – cartilage tissues.
Collagen is a sine qua non to have a healthy and aging -resistant skin. For this reason, it has been taken from outside in the form of food supplements or masks in recent years. Collagen deficiency diseases are common in society.
Apart from food supplements, it is possible to increase collagen formation in our body and support its production through some food supplements.
What are the foods containing collagen? There are many animal and vegetable nutrients that support the formation of collagen in the body.
Bone juice
Meat and broth supports the production of collagen, but the bone juice, which is prepared for a long time with a buttonhole bone with bone, is a complete collagen miracle! Beautifies the skin, strengthens joints!
Omega 3 rich seafood is particularly increasing collagen production. Salmon and tuna are fish with high omega 3 content.
Avakako & Avakado Oil
Avocado is one of the most popular resources that increase the production of Collagen. It also has skin firming effect.

There are easy collagen skin masks that you can prepare collagen making at home at home. Most of these recipes are of Far East. Collagen masks are one of the beauty secrets of the far eastern women.

Chia seeds of Kollagen Chia Mask is one of the seeds that support the production of collagen with its gelli structure.
Preparation 2 tablespoons Chia seeds tomorrow with tea cup water, wait until the gel and apply to your entire skin.
Leave the mixture for 20 minutes on your skin and rinse with warm water.
You can also use Chia seed together with flax seeds.
Chia seeds will help you get a healthier appearance that will stretch your skin. It will also repair the Caspian tissues on the skin and fill the wrinkles.

Cucumber collagen also provides collagen production. Especially in tired skin, it is effective in getting rid of under -eye bruises.

What are the symptoms of collagen deficiency? The most prominent indicator of the lack of collagen in the body is unhealthy skin.

Symptoms of collagen deficiency on the skin, intense wrinkles on the skin,
Bruises under the eye,
Puturous Cit texture,
Intense cellulite formation is the most prominent indicators.
Easy broken nails and gum disorders may also be complained of collagen deficiency.
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