Clover is a perennial plant. There are many kinds of sub -types.
In addition to all known features, it is also used to treat various health conditions in traditional medicine.
Herb; It is rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus and iron.
In recent years, it has been consumed freshly by sprouting seeds in the most common way. In addition, food supplements are sold from forms.
Latin Name: Medicago Sativa
Other names are black clover or Alfa Alfa. The taste of Medico Sativa is the grass as predicted. It is neither too painful nor sweet.
It is used in fresh consumption between 5 to 10 grams daily.
The use of these amounts well above or continuously can bring various side effects.
Clover nutritional value clover is quite low calorie nutritional foods.
A portion – a cup of clover sprouts – has only 8 calories.
In addition, 0.2 grams of oil,
0.7 grams of carbohydrates,
0.6 grams of fiber
and contains 1.3 grams of protein.
Clover is also rich in soluble fiber. With these properties, their long -term contribution to satiety and cholesterol control.
Calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K are the basic vitamins and minerals contained in clover.

What are the benefits of clover? Do people eat clover? People can eat this grass like animals. However, it is also a fact that there is no food to consume every day for people.
There were even recipes prepared with clover. Yoncalı bulgur pilaf, clover salad, tea, roasting… The first thing that comes to mind.

Is Kolestorole good? Clover contains saponins. Saponins are considered substances that prevent the body’s ability to digest proteins and absorb minerals. In spite of this fact, not all of these anti-breeds are considered bad. In plants, they are found to protect them from various infections and pests.
Anti-breeds can also provide people with various health benefits. For example, according to a study, it has been shown that there is a direct relationship between alfalfa saponin extract and decreasing blood cholesterol levels in rats.
However, it is not certain whether this effect is the same in humans.

Is it effective for diabetes? Fiber -rich foods such as clover can help control blood sugar by slowing down glucose absorption in the intestines. Therefore, clover grass is a food that is considered to be supportive for diabetes or prediabet.
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