Blue butterfly tea; Blue peas tea, blue butterfly winding tea or the shortest name, blue tea is a popular herbal tea recently.
The plant is specific to South Asian countries. It grows and consumed most commonly in Thailand. This plant, which cannot be produced in Turkey, comes from these South Asian countries to our country.
The blue tea plant, which is most commonly brewed, has a wonderful blue color that occurs with the theme of hot water.
This color gives this color an anthocyanin substance found in other purple and blue plants. This valuable substance is abundant in blue butterfly tea.
[Button Link = “” newwindow = “Yes”] Blue Tea has an important place in Ayurveda medicine.
Tea, which is blue when it is both brewed, earns red, green, purple color with those added. Lemon is most commonly used in this regard. Lemon achieves this by affecting the acidity level of tea.
Latin name: Clitoria Ternatea L.
Blue butterfly tea blue tea is often preferred for this unique blue color. The taste is not very prominent or dominant.
Mint, thyme, ginger, turmeric, imon grass (lemon grass), hibiskus and cinnamon can be sweetened by brewing together with more aromatic plants.
The positive effects of this plant on health are also quite high. Blue butterfly; Anti diabetic and anti -cancer effects that support heart and brain health have been demonstrated by studies.
[Button Link = “” newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] this plant also It is used as a natural food colorant and ornamental plant in the world. What are the benefits of blue butterfly tea? It has anti -diabetes.
It supports heart and brain health.
Contains valuable antioxidants.
It has anti -functional and anti -microbial properties.

What are the blue tea damages? Drinking blue butterfly tea has no reported side effects. However, there are allegations that it may cause nausea, stomach pain and diarrhea due to a large amount of intake.

How to make blue butterfly winding tea? Blue tea can be prepared in hot and cold. It is quite easy to prepare.
Add 5 – 6 dried blue butterfly flowers to a tea cup. Add hot but not boiling water on the flowers.
Wait for 4 – 5 minutes to brew and strain the flowers.
At the end of the time, your tea will take a very nice blue color.
If you want to replace this color with purple, just add a few drops of lemon to your tea.

How to make cold blue tea? Prepare your ICED Butterfly Pea Tea Tea as described above. Leave it to cool completely.
When it is completely cooled, mix with 1 bottle of mineral water. Serve by adding ice.
Enjoy your meal.
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