Carob is a fruit stuffed healing. Molasses, essence, syrup, dust, flour, juice is made. It is beneficial in every form, healing in any case! Carob is consumed with milk and dairy products. Of course, regular use is also a very important issue! What are the benefits of this horned -shaped fruit? Benefits of Carob is very common in women to see bone resorption in older ages. The goat horn contributes greatly to the bone health of both women and children with its intense calcium content.
Smokers’ consumption of people strongly recommended goat horn, smoking on the lung reduces the damage.
It helps to get rid of cough, especially dry cough, in a short time. It is also a strong expectorant.
It is the number one solution of the problem of constipation with intense pulp content.
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It is good for cough crises.
It is good for seasonal allergies and is supportive in seasonal transitions.
Carob (Harnup) cure recipe is boiled for half a liter of water.
Divide 7-8 Keiboynuzu into small pieces.
Just divide it into 4-5 parts.
Throw the Harnups into the boiling water.
Boil for 5-6 minutes.
Wait for 15-20 minutes to cool the water from the stove.
Filter the Harnups and separate the juice.

Consume the water that comes out 2-3 times a day up to 1 tea glass between meals.
It is recommended to take a break after drinking this water for 15 days.
The benefits of the goat horn (Harnup) seeds are impossible to break the goat horn with the hardest core among the fruits in the world with tooth. But the benefits of this hard core are very high. For this reason, these kernels in stone mills carob flour = “ During this process, carob and carobe are grinded together. It is recommended to consume children and pregnant women and pregnant women. The reason for this is the phosphorus. Phosphorus acts as a shield in the body against diseases, allowing us to be easily caught and resistant to diseases.
Hormone regulator. It is very rich in zinc.
Goat Horn (Harnup) essence supports physical and mental development in children. Protects against diseases
Blood pressure is balancing.
It is known to increase the number of sexual strength and sperm.
Keçiboynuzu extract is like the intensified version of all the benefits of goat horn fruit. Cold press is not shilly treated, without sugar -free goat horn extract is acceptable. [Button Link = “ It contains more calcium. It is the number 1 enemy of bone resorption and anemia. From traditional Harnup molasses, you can meet all your daily calcium and phosphorus by eating only 1-2 teaspoons in breakfasts. [Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] Click to buy from the Aegean! You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.