Rice with sour rice or local rumor; It is among the local flavors both nutritious and very tasty. Sour rice, which is prepared with other herbs and other nutritious herbs, is prepared in a procedure that is not unlikely.
The difference of this rice can be provided with fresh herbs added during cooking, or the mortar of the rice can be prepared with pre -dry herbs.
The most commonly used herbs in sour rice; Nettle, hibiscus grass, dill, parsley – according to the request, mint, vine leaves. In addition to these materials, onion, pepper -according to my name, tomatoes and of course yogurt is also used in the recipe.
Hanging leaves can be used as fresh or salamura. If salamu leaves are to be used, the leaves should be free of salt. Otherwise, the food is more salty.
When serving, it is usually added to butter, chili peppers.
Rice, which is more juicy than normal rice, is served like a main course.
It is quite nutritious with wild nettle and hibiscus.
This recipe is most commonly made in Kastamonu kitchens. And in the construction of this region, which is widely grown in this region, is used to prepare from Siyiyet wheat. This wheat is one of the unique wheats of Anatolia and is very tasty and nutritious. With its dark color, the market is easily separated from bulgur.
How to make sour rice? It is necessary to wait for the right season to prepare sour rice with fresh ingredients. Because it is not possible to find the hibiscus and nettle grass that grows wild in all seasons in nature. Especially spring months are ideal times to collect these herbs fresh.

Preparation of
Heat the oil and add small chopped onions and fry.
After 2 to 3 minutes, add the paste on the onions and continue to roast.
Put black bulgur over the thoroughly scorched ingredients and fry for 1 – 2 minutes.
Do not forget to pass through the water before using bulgur.
Give water to the roasted bulgur and cook for 10 -15 minutes without opening the lid.
While the bulgur is cooking, prepare the yogurt of the meal elsewhere.
Prepare them by finely chop the fresh greens.
Transfer the yogurt and greens to the pot. Add the spices.
When the rice is ready, let it rest a little.
Then pour the hot butter melted on it.
Enjoy your meal.
How to cook ready -made rice mortar? The mortar of rice can be prepared with dry plants and can be consumed throughout the year. When preparing this mortar, 7 cups of water and 2 cups of yogurt are used for 1 cup of mortar.
The mortar is transferred to the pot and the water is added. When the water starts to boil, it is cooked on low heat for 25 minutes. After closing the stove and rest for 10 minutes, yogurt is added and mixed well.
Served with melted butter and chili peppers.
Enjoy your meal.
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