Rhodiola Rosea (Rodiola); It is one of the adaptogen plants that help increase our resistance against stress both physically and psychologically.
Mitigation of stress -based burnout and mental fatigue
Supporting the fight against oxidative stress
Supporting immune functions
Ease the feeling of tension
Supporting balanced blood sugar is one of the first benefits of mind.
Rhodiola Rosea; It grows in high altitude, very cold, low oxygenous areas. In our country, it is not a well -known, recognized and used plant. It is common in Scandinavia, China, Russia, Siberia and Alaska. The effective substance power of the plant may vary according to the region where it grows.
Arctic root, golden root, rose root and king crown are other names known. The plant is not a member of the rose family, it is the type of Sukulent. It is fragrant.
The bioactive compounds of Rhodio are as follows:
ROSavins (Rosavin, Resin, Rosarin)
Flavonoids (Rodiolin, Rodionin)
What does Rhodiola Rosea do? Rhodiola, to eliminate fatigue in traditional medicine,
Increasing mental focus and physical resistance,
It is used to support emotional welfare, fertility and more.
Most of the health benefits of the plant are thought to be related to the effect of monoamins and beta-enesties on the activity.
Modern research supports most of the most common traditional uses of Rhodio.
What are the side effects of Rhodiola? In general, the plant, which is safe, non -toxic and thought that it does not make addictive, should still be taken only according to the recommended dose.
Dose overdose or hypersensitivity can cause symptoms of mouth, dizziness, drowsiness or excessive stimulation.
For pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, there is no reliable information about the safety of rhodio, so it is recommended to avoid.

How to make Rhodiola Tincture? Materials
30 grams of dried Rhodiola Rosea root
150 g 100 degrees alcohol
Preparation of
Add the dried Rhodiola root to a jar. Pour the alcohol over the Rhodiola root, then close it with a lid and shake well.
Lift the jar to brew in a dark, room temperature area.
Break for 2-5 weeks by waving the mixture occasionally.
When ready, strain the mixture from a cheesecloth.
Pour the tincture into a clean jar or a dropper bottle.
Store in a cool and dark place.
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