What are carrier oils?
Essential oils are unique oils for skin care. They also have a aromatherapeutic effect. Essential oils are also referred to as essential oils.
For example, tea tree oil, one of the popular essential oils of recent times, has a very successful effect on acne treatment.
However, these essential oils are quite powerful and often have irritating effect when applied to the skin pure and therefore must be diluted.
At this point, the carrier oils come into play. Carrier oils are also referred to as fixed oils or base oils.
Carrier Oil Carrier Oils are the oils obtained as a result of the squeezing seeds, fruits and sometimes direct fruits by cold or hot press method.
These oils; It is very rich in fatty acids, vitamins and components therapeutic components of skin damage.
The most accurate application of the correct method during squeezing is of great importance in terms of fat quality.
These carrier oils, skin care applications, volatile oils and the skin acts as a buffer.
Are essential oils applied to the skin? Essential and carrier oils should be avoided directly applying volatile oils such as cinnamon, thyme, lemon, mint, laurel pelin grass to the skin. A base of oil is absolutely needed to minimize the effect of these oils.

What are the carrier oils? Let’s examine the most widely used fixed oils!
Coconut oil
Coconut oil; Probably the first thing that comes to mind, easy to apply, relatively affordable carrier is at the beginning of the age.
Now buy sunflower seed oil oil , apricot seed oil and rosehip oil is one of the first easy access base oils that come to mind.

How to use carrier oils? How to dilute essential oils? Carrier oils can also be used together with volatile oils for higher effect.
If the mixture oil is prepared for the purpose of the use of the body, the ratio should be 95 %carrier oil and a volatile oil with a 5 %ratio.
If you feel any irritation on your skin due to the use of essential or base fat, stop using the oil and see a doctor if complaints continue.

What is aromatherapeutic?
Aromatherapeutic or aromatherapy; The oils used for aromatherapy are preferred to identify plants.
Aromatherapy is an alternative method to support physical and mental healing and balancing. The method is strengthened by aromatherapic plants and vegetable oils. Click for various kinds of aromatherapic oil! You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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