Oil Pulling; It is a Ayurveda application, which can be translated into Turkish as oil pulling and dates back to 3000 years ago.
Coconut oil is generally used for Oil Pulling application. The main reason for the preference of coconut oil is that it has a lighter smell and aroma compared to other oils.
It is not necessary to use coconut oil to pull olive oil with oil pulley oil. If the smell and taste does not bother you during the process, you can safely apply it with olive oil or sunflower oil and sesame oil.
Adding 1-2 drops of essential oil into the oil may increase the antibacterial effect of the process. Cloves, cinnamon, mint essential oil can be preferred.
One of the tips of the application is the need to be done when you have not even drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning.
After Oil Pulling, the tongue stripping will also increase the yield to be taken and will accelerate the disposal of toxic substances accumulated in the body.
The main benefits are thought to be:
What are the benefits of Oil Pulling? It is tooth whitening, has a positive effect on tooth and gum health. Reduces the formation of the plaque formed in the teeth.
Hormones are balancing.
The skin beautifies, acne -inclined skin can be a solution to acne problem.
And most importantly, it helps to remove toxic substances accumulated in the body. It makes detox effect.

How to draw oil? In the morning you can do this application while you haven’t brushed your teeth yet.
1 teaspoon of coconut oil is sufficient for the application. Another vegetable oil can also be preferred for oil pulling.
The oil is taken into the mouth and sprayed in the mouth as if it is mouthwash. The oil must be surrounded in and below the tongue all over the mouth, between the teeth. Care should be taken not to swallow the oil during the process.
It may be difficult for you when you first start to apply fat pulling in the mouth, your stomach may be found. It’s normal.
When you first start, keep the application limited to a short period of time to start 3-5 minutes.
This time should be gradually increased. The ideal Oil Pulling time is thought to be up to 20 minutes.
To do at the end of the transaction:
Oil should never be swallowed. This oil now contains unwanted bacteria and toxic substances. If possible, it should be spit directly in the trash, not the sink.
The mouth can be shaken once with non -refined salt water.

Does Oil Pulling make acne? It is a widespread complaint in the first times of practice – especially in the jaw area.
The reason for this acne is the detox effect of the application, and after a short time your body will adapt to it and the problem of acne will be eliminated.
Moreover, oil pulling application can offer a solution to the problem of acne in long -term use. Long -term Oil Pulling can clearly see the positive effects of the process.
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