What are Esfj personality traits?
According to Myers-Briggs personality indicator (MBTI); Each person has one of the 16 different types of personality.
Esfj is one of the BU16 person. People in this group stand out as cute, social, energetic personalities. And people in the personality group make up only 5.7 %of the society.
While 7.5 %of women are ESFJ type, only 3.5 %of men are in this group.
Let’s examine this type of personality more closely!
ESFJ personality type esfj means extroversion, perception, feel and judgment.
People in this type can simply be considered as diplomatic, team player energy. It can be defined as extrovert and observer.
Esfj group people are often in contact with their own emotions.
Definitions such as “hot -hearted, empathic, friendly, conscientious, energetic, assertive, collaborator, practical and regular” are often used to define people of this type of personality.
Team player
Common strong aspects:
Making others feel comfortable
High Observation Skills
Social compliance
The ability to bring others together
Common weaknesses:
Don’t worry about what others think
Focusing on the needs of others rather than their own needs
Frequent desire to be verified
Suppressing the creativity of themselves or others
Status quo
Human Resources

What are the female esfj personalities? The likelihood of ESFJs becoming a woman is twice as much as men and 7.5 %of the female population.
Such women will probably be friendly, friendly and hot.
If adaptation trends are not controlled with a little self -confidence, they can focus too much to satisfy people.

Which personality types are Esfjs compatible? A ESFJ can probably give good results with an ISTJ, ISFJ, ESTJ, ENFP, INFP or another ESFJ compared to other species.
However, the response can always change depending on individuals and desire to understand and love each other’s differences.
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