Black Halile; It is the grained fruits of a tree specific to South Asia and India.
These fruits, which are used in dried form, have a history dating back to many years in Ayurveda medicine. The special Ayurvedic formula is one of the three dried fruits that make up Triphala.
It is used for various reasons such as sore throat and allergy, hair whitening, indigestion and hemorrhoids.
Karahalile is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. It has anti -inflammatory effect.
How to use black halile? How does it taste? Is it swallowed in all states? Fruits can be used in grain, beaten and crushed, completely powdered or in capsule form. It is not recommended to swallow in the whole state.
The fruit’s mouth is here, there is a bitter – sour taste. For this reason, it is often consumed together with another nutrient, such as honey.

For hemorrhoids, black halile laurel seed laurel leaf is used by grinding black halile and bay leaf, bay seeds together for hemorrhoid complaints.
The plant contributes to the rapid healing of wounds. It is thought to be effective in internal wounds.
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Karahalile paste black halile and bay leaves, bay seeds together in the form of dust is painful. For this reason, this is mixed with triple honey and prepared as a paste.
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Is Black Halile a relaxing plant? In Ayurveda medicine, the Karahalile plant is considered a strong adaptogen, ie a plant that increases the resistance of the body against stress.
It can help to minimize the harmful effects of stress on the body. However, the plant has no soothing properties.

Karahalile Hadith (Helile) “Continue to drink black helile, of course it is one of those trees of paradise. The flavor is painful, but it is a giant in every trouble. ” in the form.

What is the difference from yellow halile black halile? The yellow halile is also in the benzene image, but more open, yellow.
The purpose of the use of the two plants varies.
Yellow halile is especially used in skin complaints. Healing acne and boils.
In response to the constipation effect of the yellow remnants, the diarrheatic effect of the black hallen is the forefront.

What are the damages of Karahalile? It is not known whether long -term use of the plant is safe. Research on this subject is insufficient.
However, Karahalilen has an effect that reduces blood sugar levels. It is thought that if it is used with blood sugar -lowering drugs, it will cause excessive blood sugar.
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