Amarant is an alternative grain rich in herbal protein. Amarant color is yellowish, small grain.
In a wide variety of recipes, we can get to know this special grain bride who has recently joined our kitchens.
What are the benefits of amarant? Unlike most pulses, Amaranth seeds are rich in two important amino acid sources, lysine and metyonine.
It contains intense iron, calcium and vitamin B.
And the amarant has a fiber content of 3 times the wheat! Most of them contain more protein than grain.
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Does Amarant contain Gluten? No, the Amarant is a completely gluten -free grain, and in this respect, it manages to be a nutritious and delicious alternative to the use of celiac patients.
The origin of the Amarant is mainly based on South America and Mexico. It appears as the seeds of a tall, non -fading pink blooming type of plant.
Amarant can be detonated just like corn. It can be used alone, or it is widely used in recipes with other cereals. It has a flavor compatible with other cereals.
Healthy snack bars, fit cookie recipes are particularly worthy of.

How is the amarant taste? So how does this newly familiar grain taste? Those who are familiar with alternative flavors such as Chia seeds and Kinoa will probably consume the seeds of amaranth.
The seeds generally have a taste that reminiscent of walnuts.
It is considered a taste that can be used in different recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
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Let’s get the Amarant recipes, how to cook Amaranti and how to consume.

How to prepare amaranth? How to Eat? It is possible to use the amarant in a wide range of recipes. Let’s start with a recipe that we are familiar with!

It is possible to make rice with amarant rice, such as bulgur or rice pilaf made in all of us.
This is the measure for pilaf: 1 to 3 ’.
In other words, 3 glasses of water should be used for 1 cup of amaranth seeds.
Apart from this different dimensions, the recipe is almost the same as rice rice.
The cooking time of the amaranth may be a little longer than rice. Usually this time lasts up to 25-30 minutes.

Fit energy balls can be combined with seeds, dates and cashews and healthy snacks can be prepared.

Does the amaranth weaken the seed? It is a cereal that manages to enter the amaranth diet menus in case of direct weight loss. The full holder effect comes to the fore with its low starch content.

Amaranth seed tea these seeds are not only used in recipes. Unlike other cereals, brewing as herbal tea is suitable for consumption!

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