Bun spur; Donkey spur or blue world spur, hairless blue world, sphere camel spur, devil’s car, such as a variety of wild plants referred to by different names.
It is perennial. It can tolerate drought. It usually opens its flowers for the summer months. The plant, which is usually up to 1 meter in length, can sometimes extend up to 2 meters.
The Blue World Thorn, which the bees love very much, is instrumental in the production of qualified honeys by bees.
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This eye -catching beauty, the prickly plant in blue, purple colors is edible. Moreover, there are a wide variety of potential health benefits.
https://egepazarindan.com/sut-yapan-yiyyceler- nler/ How to consume donkey spines? In medical purposes, the seeds in the middle of the root part of the plant under the soil and the meat in the middle of the spines are preferred. It is of course laborious to reach this meat. Usually, after the spines are crushed with stone, small seeds are carefully removed and eaten.
The thorns are also used as a whole when they are dry. A paste with honey can also be prepared by grinding seeds.
While the middle part can be eaten, all the thorns in the roots and heads are usually used by brewing or tinct.
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