What is done with millet flour? Millet is a plant with high nutrition and health benefits. China, India, Turkey, Greece, Egypt and Africa, including in a wide range of geographies.
After grinding, bread, pasta and couscous use is common.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/ak-dari-unun-taze-kakililmilil/” Color = “Red” Newwindow = “Yes”] Buy the contract [/button] Bulne contains Gluten? What are the benefits? This tiny grain, vitamins and minerals rich nutrients are completely gluten -free.
It is suitable for the use of people with gluten intolerance as long as they are processed in an environment that does not carry cross -contamination.
It is rich in magnesium, calcium, manganese, triptophane, phosphorus, fiber, group B vitamins and also antioxidants.
The millet, which works as a probiotic in the body, supports the health of microflora.
It is easy to digest and anti -constipation.
It has an effect on increasing serotonin release.
It is one of the few foods that manages to alkaline the body with its alkali structure.
Some studies suggest that breast cancer development can be prevented thanks to the fibers in the millet. According to another study, it is thought that youth may have a protective effect against asthma development.
How to eaten the millet? How to consume? If the millet is not grinded and turned into flour, it is usually used in a similar way with rice.
After boiling, it can be added to salads and porridges. It is used in baby food recipes in some African countries.
What is done with millet flour? Bread, pastry, cake, pastry… recipes can be prepared with millet flour.
The binding of this flour, which does not contain gluten, is naturally low compared to gluten flour. Recipes can be made by mixing with various gluten flour on request.
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What are the damages of millet flour? Of course, excessive consumption of tiny grains with countless health benefits should be avoided. It may have a suppression of thyroid gland functions in excessive consumption.

Are the millet flour and corn flour the same? In some regions, although the corn plant is referred to as millet, these two species are completely different.
Corn flour is also among the gluten -free flour, such as millet flour.

Millet varieties have a wide variety of subtypes of the plant. All of these species are gluten -free.
Akdar is one of the most widely used species.
Red Branch Millet (Fox Tail Line)
Ragi (finger millet)
Pearl Darisi are other species.

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