Kırkkilite grass is a kind of plant that is thought to have a wide range of medical benefits. Its use is based on ancient civilizations. Also known as ponytail grass.
The most common way; It is preferred to support hair, skin and bone health. It is also thought to be effective in getting rid of urinary tract infections and protection.
It is known that it is used as an important support product for people who shed kidney stones and sand.
WHAT IS KIRKKİLİT? This green plant grown in a mild climate; It has a long, green and dense branched body.
Silica contained in the grass of forty is the most prominent among the various components of the plant.
Silica; You have a more vivid and healthy skin; It is the main component that allows you to get easily broken hair, nails and bones.
The most common way of use of Kırkkilite grass is that it is consumed by brewing tea. The plant is generally preferred in dry state.
[Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] Benefits of ponytail benefits of ponytail is also supported by scientific data. Scientists have emphasized the rapid healing effect of this plant, especially bone damage and fractures.
Easy mouse experiments have been revealed that it significantly increased bone density.
Silica, which is responsible for the important effect of forty lock grass plant; Increases collagen synthesis, increases calcium absorption. Improves the intensity of bone and cartilage tissue.
Kırkkilite grass bone resorption can also slow down the negative effects of osteoporosis.

Kırkkilite grass supports the growth of hair faster and healthier thanks to the silicone and antioxidants it contains.
It slows hair loss and increases the brightness of the hair.

How to apply Kırkkilite grass to hair? For hair, it is enough to brew and cool like tea. The brewing time should be up to 10-12 minutes.
After cooling, simply make the last rinsing in the bathroom with the water of the plant.
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Kırkkilit grass to urinary tract infection is also preferred in urinary tract infections, which have anti-inflammatory, anti-micobial effect. It helps to remove inflammation.
It also reduces the feeling of burning and itching.

According to some expert opinions for the sperm of Kırkkilit grass, this plant also has an effect on increasing the number of sperm and sperm quality.
In order to benefit from this feature, Kırkkilit is brewed daily and drinking as tea and cure is applied for a while.

How to dried forty lock grass? The pointed, green parts on the large branches are completely separated from each other. Properly laid on a tray or cloth. It is dried by placing it in a windy place without moisture, non -moisture without moisture.

Ponytail damage can cause vitamin B1 deficiency in long -term use.
It may interact with some drugs. For this reason, an expert opinion should be taken before it starts to be used by people who use regular drugs.
This plant naturally contains a small amount of nicotine. Therefore, it should not be used by people who are in the process of quitting smoking or with nicotine allergies.

Forty lock grass during pregnancy should not be used by pregnant and nursing women.
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