We are in the ideal time of the year to make homemade apple cider vinegar! Apple trees could not carry their fruits!
Making vinegar at home may seem difficult and tedious for those who have never experienced this job before. But in fact, it is not a very laborious job. Most of the useful vinegar bacteria do for you in vinegar making! Being a little patient to you, remembering your time from time to time, there’s not much more than mixing like this!
Of course, when you are ready, filter him beautifully; Transferring its healing to your salads, waters and making a unique contribution to your gastrointestinal health is the most enjoyable part of the job!
We know that vinegar is no longer a flavor enhancer in our kitchens. His positive effects on our whole body are now in the language of all experts!
But the fact that vinegar is not a market type is of great importance at this point!
In other words, if we want to benefit from the healing of the vinegar at the highest level, accelerate our metabolism, and to relieve our intestines, you need to roll up the sleeves!
Before moving on to vinegar recipe, let’s talk about a few important tricks:
Vinegar making is actually one of the smartest ways to evaluate fresh apples. Apples can be used in vinegar making with their seeds and shells without removing almost no garbage. In fact, use is recommended in this way and is the best for your virtue.
But if you don’t have the opportunity to collect apples directly from the branch; If you are supplying from the market or the market, if you doubt that it is medicated, you should spend extra time to purify the outer surface from the drug. Otherwise, the vinegar of the unreliable fruit will not hold the vinegar. For this process, plenty of water and carbonate grows to your rescue. It is sufficient to keep apples in carbonated water for an hour and rinse one more time.
We said that we can include the seeds and shells of the apples in the vinegar, but the beret, melted or rotten parts must be cut and discarded. These parts may cause disruption of your sirken.
Let’s come now the tariff!
How to make homemade apple cider vinegar? Materials
Simple homemade apple cider vinegar making wide -rim 3 or 5 liter jar
Clean cheesecloth
Rope or rubber
Natural Apple up to 2-3 kg
1 tablespoon of raw honey or powdered sugar
A handful of chickpeas or half a cup of homemade vinegar
Drinking water at room temperature enough to rise on the apples
Preparation Step by Step Step Apple Vinegar Making Material Hygiene is vital in the construction of vinegar. For this reason, let’s start by making sure that the jar we will use is completely clean and free of detergent residue.
Instead of washing the jar with detergent, it is recommended that you choose the baking or boiling method.
If the apples are small in the jar that we have made immaculate, let’s fill them by dividing them into four and large apples.
The jar should not be fully filled to the mouth, but the apples should only be half of the jar.
If the apples are not too sweet, let’s add 1 tablespoon of raw honey or powdered sugar. If you prefer powdered sugar, your ready -made time is quite short.
If any, half a coffee cup can be added as well as previously prepared homemade vinegar. This helps to get ready more quickly.
If you don’t have a handful of chickpeas, you will do your job.
To completely dissolve honey or sugar, let’s mix the jar with the help of a wooden spoon.
Add the drinking water to the jar at room temperature to the jar at a room temperature.
Let’s cover the jar with a clean cheesecloth and attach it to the edges with a rubber or rope.
In this way, let’s remove our jar in a place that does not receive sun, preferably inside the closet.
Let’s give him 3-4 weeks to be ready.
Let’s check our vinegar from time to time within 3-4 weeks and mix abundantly.

When is homemade apple cider vinegar filtered? At the end of 3-4 weeks, when the apples are completely collapsed to the bottom of the jar, let’s filter the apples from the liquid part and separate them.
You can make the strainer with the help of a cheesecloth. It is useful to repeat the process twice.
Let’s put the liquid part, the vinegar for at least 3-4 weeks. Let’s wait for it to be ready.

When will vinegar be ready? It is understood that the fermentation ended with the collapse of the vinegar mother completely to the bottom of the jar.
From this point on this point, you do not have much to do other than adding vinegar to your salads, drinking water and healing!

How to store after homemade apple cider vinegar drained? The filtered vinegar must be stored in a glass jar or bottle fully closed. In a cupboard that does not take direct sun, it is ideal.

Important notes:
Apples should never stay on the surface of the water. Otherwise, mold formation in vinegar begins
Vinegar should be mixed with plenty of vinegar in the first days of vinegar. This process should be infreated with the collapse of the fruits.
What is the Kefe in Vinegar? Not every whiteness on vinegar is mold. Before the formation of vinegar mother, a white layer called Kef is common, this is common, but it is not desired to be repeated many times.

How to clean the vinegar in vinegar? It can be cleaned with the help of a wooden spoon. To feed useful bacteria, an additional apple can be added to the vinegar at this point.

Is vinegar mold harmful? If there is a black, brown or green formation that spreads like dust on the surface of the vinegar, this is moldy and harmful.
Moldy vinegar is not suitable for consumption.
It is not wrong to say that vinegar flies around vinegar are normal, even a desired condition. These flies indicate that your vinegar is an ideal vinegar.

How is the mother of vinegar hiding? Take the mother of healthy vinegar to a glass jar to use it again later and add enough vinegar to pass. Close the lid and store it in a cupboard at room temperature that does not take the sun.
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