Mattle grass, the other name of the wolf claw, ground moss is a kind of plant that grows in forest areas. Essentially, it is included in the algae family.
It grows in similar areas, semi -shade, damp lands with fern. In our country, the Black Sea region, especially in almost every region shows.
Latin name: lycopodium Clavatum
[Button Link = “” color = “Green” newwindow = “Yes”] What are the benefits of match grass? Skin complaints, acne scars, bed sores, eczema are the areas where the plant is used. For such purposes, it is applied externally.
In addition, it is known that liver and kidney health is used for supporting.
The plant is a natural diuretic. Constipation is anti -constipation. It is known to be used for cystic and hemorrhoids.
In use for such purposes, the plant is brewed and consumed as tea.
How to make wolf claw tea? In order to support the treatment of complaints such as hemorrhoids and cystics, the plant is brewed alone or with plants such as shepherd bags and cranberries.
Usually in the morning, it is consumed as warm as a tea cup on an empty stomach.
1 pinch of plant for 1 cup is sufficient. The water used must not reach the boiling point.
[Button Link = “” color = “Green” newwindow = “Yes”] It is not recommended to consume tea more than 1 cup daily. This tea is usually not used for long -term and continuously. Often tea is consumed in 1 week -10 -day cures and then ended its use.
3-4 minutes will be enough for the brewing time. At the end of the time, the tea is consumed by draining.
Match grass, which is brewed together with a shepherd bag, is also preferred for leg cramps.
Scientific studies on matches plant are insufficient. Therefore, there is not enough data about the possible side effects of the plant.
Pregnant women and Emien women in order to avoid possible side effects; The use of people with chronic discomfort and regular drugs is not recommended.
Before you start using a regular wolf claw grass, be sure to consult your physician.
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