Broccoli powder; It is prepared by drying vegetables with closed circuit dryers during the season.
Broccoli is not a vegetable suitable for open air drying due to the season of harvesting. Therefore, it is not prone to drying in homes.
Broccoli, which is dried and grinded without additives; It reserves all the healing and even more of fresh broccoli.
[Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] Chrome, folate, vitamin K, vitamin C is very rich in care. There is no fat and sodium in the natural structure of broccoline with high fiber content. Brocholine is also abundant in the form of a conscious compound in the contents of the broccoli.
Sulforefan is a very valuable substance with a cancer fighter and heart -friendly structure.
How to use broccoli powder? This dust is most commonly consumed by adding to soups. The dust entering the soup is both a flavor and a nutritional -enhancing task.
If dust is prepared without additives, it can also be added to the soups of infants passing to additional food.
In addition to soups, juicy dishes, stews, sauces, pastas, oven dishes, whipped eggs and omelets can be added gradually.
[Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] And it is also very common to consume by adding to vegetable juices.
And finally, broccoli powder can be prepared with broccoli latte -broccolatte – or some broccoli powder can be added to the coffee you prepare as a final touch.
But what is this broccoli latte? And how to prepare?

If you are familiar with recipes like broccoli latte Matcha Latte, Pumpkin Latte, and try the broccolate if they are for you!
For this recipe you need some broccoli powder, espresso and foamed milk.
Prepare 1 Shot espresso on the machine.
On the other hand, boil your milk, while the boiling milk passes to the foaming stage, add 1 teaspoon of broccoli powder. Foam and dust together.
When the milk is thoroughly foamed, add it to the espresson.
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