What are the damages of the mobile phone? Statistics show that more than 6.9 million people around the world use mobile phones. These small devices, which have managed to be indispensable in their pockets, emit electromagnetic radiation at any moment, electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation.
Damages of the mobile phone have the potential to damage our EMFs cells. The International Cancer Research Agency has explained EMFs as potential carcinogenic. These EMFs have negative impact on our immune system, sleep patterns and hormones.
Experts think that there is a strict correlation between chronic pain and fatigue, depression, anxiety and the number of those suffering from Alzheimer’s number of mobile phone usage rates.
So, how can we protect ourselves and our loved ones from all these negative effects of mobile phone?
How do we protect the negative effects of mobile phone on our health? Put a distance between you with a mobile phone
Keep away from yourself when you do not use your mobile phone. Do not keep your mobile phone near your heart, on the chest, or near your reproductive organs.
There are studies showing that the incidence of breast cancer is higher in women who constantly keep mobile phones in the chest area. Likewise, there are studies showing that the number and quality of sperm is experienced in men who constantly keep their mobile phones attached to their bones.
Use headset
Telephone conversation without headphones and microphones exposes your salivary glands and brain to intense EMF.
Shungite stone
This healing stone radiation is absorbent. By wearing a necklace or bracelet of Shungite stone, you can reduce the negative effects of the mobile phone.
Gravitational force
Since your phone’s gravity power is low, the radiation level emitted increases. So prefer not to use it when your phone is difficult.
Turn off your phone when you don’t use it and while sleeping
It does not emit radiation when your phone is closed. For this reason, when you are not using and sleep, prefer to put it off instead of holding it at your head end.
Radiation preventive cases
Cases claim to reduce radiation and negative effects are available on the market. These cases may be preferred.
Airplane mode
Develop the habit of using aircraft mode. Radiation effects decrease in aircraft mode. Especially when children and babies use their mobile phone, it would be a good idea to get your phone in aircraft mode. Airplane mode reduces the damage of the mobile phone to the child.
Sleep mode
Do not hold your mobile phone at your head end while sleeping. This will adversely affect your sleep patterns and thus all your health. Get the habit of leaving your mobile phone out of the room where you sleep. This habit will also reduce the psychological damages of the mobile phone.
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