Processed food is seen by experts as the number one cause of obesity and chronic diseases worldwide. So what do we know the damages of these foods that enter the house of all of us? What is processed food? What is industrial food? In fact, everything we eat is committed at some point. For example, it is severed from an apple branch, wheat is grinded and becomes flour, yogurt is processed and a buttermilk. All these foods are mechanically processed. However, the difference between mechanical processed foods and chemical processed foods is of great. Mechanical processing is innocent, but foods that are chemically processed, refined, prepared with artificial substances threaten our health! Foods called “processed food” or “industrial food” are chemically processed. It is preferred to express the processed foods that are highlighted with industrial food, with ease of use and generally sold on market shelves. What are processed foods? For example; Ready soups, ready -made baby foods; Sucuk, sausage, salami, animals such as products, mixture salad sauces, jeeps, biscuits, breakfast crisis, granular coffees, frozen pizza, hamburger … Ultra -processed foods. These processed food samples are one of the foods we need to stay away from. Damages of Industrial Foods Artificial Substances Content When you look at the market shelves, you will see that there are dozens of substances that you have not even heard of name. The aim of these anonymous substances is to give the desired tissue and color to the food, the desired artificial odor and taste and to ensure that it stands on the shelf for a long time. All these rainfall chemicals, foodstuffs beautiful and provide a good smell while providing irreversible damage to our health. Low nutrient content has a much lower content compared to processed foods, vitamins and minerally unrelated natural and real foods. Artificial sweeteners and preservatives are added to some processed industrial foods as well as synthetic vitamins and minerals. But they do not replace real vitamins and minerals. Because unprocessed animal and vegetable nutrients contain thousands of special valuable nutrients. Intensely processed food causes diseases. High refined carbohydrate content processed foods often have a simple refined carbohydrate content. These simple carbohydrates cause a rapid increase in blood sugar and insulin levels. Simple carbohydrates are known for their negative effects on health, and experts say that the consumption of these simple carbohydrates in a healthy diet should be very limited. Addictive effect processed foods, especially junk food, affect brain chemistry, causing one to develop addiction. Research shows that processed junk food with these intense sugar content affect the same point in which substances such as cocaine affect the brain. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page. Check out our other blog posts!