My face is sweating a lot, if you say the reasons and solutions for you this article for you!
Sweating is a simple and functional process that our body uses to adjust its temperature. Everyone sweats, of course. Armpits, hands, feet, face and head area, groin shade are the most sweating areas of our body.
If you are mostly sweating in these regions, you may have a condition known as craniophacial hyperhydrosis.
Hyperhydrosis means more sweating than necessary to maintain normal body temperature.
If the environment is not too hot, not stressful, exercise, or spicy – not consuming hunt, you are likely to suffer from this situation if your face and head regularly sweat.
People who suffer from this situation may socially suffer from this situation or find this situation annoying.
The good news is that there are various ways to end it.
Hyperhydrosis Types
There are two main types of hyperhydrosis: primary and secondary.
Primary hyperhydrosis is the most common type. This means that excessive sweating is not caused by a medical condition, physical activity or increasing temperature. It usually affects hands, feet, head and face.
Secondary hyperhydrosis is related to a medical condition or medication that causes excessive sweating such as heart disease, diabetes, menopause, paralysis.
Why is excessive sweating on the percentage? Why does the face affect? Hyperhidrosis may occur anywhere in the body.
There are many sweat glands on the percentage and scalp. Therefore, if you are prone to excessive sweating, it is not strange that it is more pronounced in those regions.
If your face is sweating frequently, it is smart to consult a doctor. If your doctor determines that this is not related to a medical condition, other methods can be used to end this unwanted sweating.
Why is my face sweating so much? There are a number of factors that can trigger sweating. These triggers include:
hot weather
stress or anxiety
strong emotions such as anger or fear
Eating spicy and bitter foods
exercise, even light activity

What is good for face sweating?
Treatment options for face sweating
There are many treatment options for this unwanted situation. Some of these options are as follows:
Oral drugs known as anticolinergics reduce sweating in your whole body. First, the hydrochloride of oxubutin is considered primary step treatment for craniophacial sweating.
These drugs may have side effects such as constipation, urine retention, dizziness and dry mouth.
Sympathyctomy is a procedure in which some of the nerves that trigger your sweat glands are cut and reduced signals for sweat production.
It is preferred for patients who respond weakly to anticholinergicics. Sweat preventive products containing aluminum chloride without prescription.
Preventive drugs with aluminum chloride hexicrates containing hexicrates.
These powerful sweat preventives can irritate the sensitive skin of the face and head. When using these drugs, it may be necessary to maintain a suitable diet and apply a skin care routine other than routine. Botox injection can be used to reduce the activity of nerves affecting sweat glands. It is not a one -time application. It can reduce sweating up to 12 months.
“My face is sweating very much, I can’t make up” is there a natural solution for face sweating? In addition to drugs and procedures, it is possible to talk about some natural solutions that help reduce excessive head and face sweating.
To take a bath frequently to reduce skin bacteria and moisture, take a shower
Applying preventive products before going to bed and morning sweating
To have a soft, absorbent towel in your bag, table or car to help dry more sweat
Using a simple, odorless face powder to help absorb moisture
Spicy – avoiding bitter foods and caffeine as much as possible
Avoid dressing too thick
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