Beta is a natural component that gives orange, yellow, red color to vegetables and fruits.
It is converted to the beta carotene, which we take to our body naturally, into vitamin A.
Vitamin A is vital for eye health, heart, kidney and lung health.
This precious antioxidant is named after the origin of a word that means Latin carrots.
Protection from certain types of cancer,
Reduce the risk of heart disease,
There are several studies that reduce the risk of developing cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s and consuming food -rich foods in terms of betacaroten.
What are Beta Carotene Benefits to Skin? Betakarotene turns into vitamin A, which is vital for the care of a healthy skin in the body.
Beta Carotene; It acts as an antioxidant that reduces the damage caused by UV light, air pollution and other environmental hazards such as cigarettes. And prevents the skin from premature aging.
Adequate beta carotene consumption gives the skin a natural shine.
However, excessive intake should be avoided as your feet soles, palms of your hands, nose, and even the white part of your eyes may cause a yellow – orange color.
Beta-carotene, which is adequately taken, makes your skin less sensitive to the sun.
It can also be effective in the treatment of skin disorders such as dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.
What are the symptoms of beta-carotene deficiency? Dry skin, acne and rash skin, dry eye, night blindness, late wound healing, infertility, developmental disorders, throat and chest infections … Beta Carotene can be associated with lack of.
What are the foods containing beta carotene? These foods usually concentrate on red, orange or yellow fruits and vegetables.
In addition, various green leafy vegetables are also available in Beta Carotene.
Red pepper
Yellow pepper
Some studies have shown that cooked carrots provide more carotenoids than raw carrots. Also together with olive oil into the body can increase the bioavailability of carotenoids.

What is the colorant beta carotene? Beta Carotene, a common component of plants, has been used for centuries to provide a range of food to food and cosmetic products that expands from yellow to orange. It is among the carotenoids, the largest pigment family in nature.

In butter, beta carotene is used as a food colorant.
Some companies add Beta Carotene to give the butter a more yellow and more attractive color.
Beta Carotene oils are directly included in the label, or indicated by the E160 code.
Beta Carotene E Code: E160
In addition to butter, ready -made soups, ready -made beverage mixtures, processed meats (salami, sausage, etc.), biscuits and many other packaged foods are used as a Beta Carotene coloring. nasil-kullanililir/ You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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