When it comes to bloating herbal teas, the first comes to mind fennel and cumin tea. Both are on -site preferences in case of gas and bloating. So much so that the cumin is preferred because of its high effect despite its dominant and intense taste.
However, if you have complaints such as gas and bloating in the stomach, you can also choose other herbal tea alternatives that you can choose other than fennel and cumin.
What are the herbal teas of bloating? Ginger
Ginger is a strong anti -inflammatory. It also contains a component called Gingerol, which is found to help to remove bloating.
Ginger tea, whether dust or root, supports getting rid of gas, bloating, stomach pain and nausea complaints.
Both mint oil and mint tea are effective in reducing stomach pain, bloating and gas. These effects are supported by some scientific studies.
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It is a natural diuretic. Increasing the urination of urination, the excess water accumulated in the body, edema and connected to the bloating is reduced.
In addition, the inflammation of the dandelion plant, the soothing effects of anxiety are known.
Chamomile is most commonly preferred by sleeping effect, but it is also one of the plants that help to calm a swollen stomach.
Due to the anti -inflammatory properties of chamomile extract, there are also some preliminary research showing that it has protective potential against diarrhea and stomach ulcers.
Flavonoids in the plant help to regulate a hormone called aldosterone.
Moreover, it controls electrolyte levels. These two issues can be considered as the key to overcome bloating.
Pelin grass
This plant is one of the most popular digestive -friendly tea components in Europe. Pelin grass, which has a bitter taste, is consumed to get rid of small amounts of bloating and gas.
The fennel helps to remove the gas in the intestines and also supports the body to produce more biles.
More bile means that the body can better break down fats and especially dairy products.
Cumin seeds and oil contained in cumin; IBS is used to get rid of a number of digestive symptoms, including gastric, bloating and GI spasms, including gas.
These small aromatic seeds also have some anti -microbial properties that can support the development of useful intestinal bacteria by acting like probiotics in the intestine.
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