Putting cotton with vinegar in the navel is often a traditional method against nausea and dizziness during the journey.
Putting vinegar cotton in the navel can also be applied in children for this purpose. It is believed that the vinegar placed on the navel can also be other health benefits.
Methods are used for complaints such as abdominal pain, cough, colds, flu, menstrual pain, abdominal pain, joint pain.
For all these complaints, the application is made in a similar way. In addition to the vinegar, it can be applied on the navel by adding a small amount of salt to cotton.
There are also those who apply vinegar cotton for a longer term. In such applications, the cotton is covered with a band band. And vinegar cotton is kept in the navel all night.
https://egepazarindan.com/ayaga-sirkeli-kina-yakmak-faydalari- nler/ can be applied to the cotton pad of vinegar cotton & navel to the navel, especially if the application is to be made for complaints such as nausea and nausea.
Instead of vinegar cotton, the hole can be covered with a small interaction band. This type of additional material is especially preferred on children.
Pouring cologne into the belly button, putting garlic in the navel, pouring apple cider vinegar directly to the navel, rubbing centaury oil in the navel, applying rose oil to the navel.
The reason why such a variety of interventions on the navel is due to the importance of this region in our body.
The belly button is considered as the balance center of the human being. It is also one of the main chakras in our body and represents the will. The organ in which this chakra is directly linked is considered as an eye.
Riding oil on the navel is the most widely applied natural oils to the belly button.
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Is thyme oil applied to the navel? As oregano oil can irritate, it is usually applied with olive oil or centaury oil. The weighing oil is applied directly.
For abdominal pain, menstrual pain, joint pain, thyme oil is often applied to the umbilical button. The oil is applied to the region by gently massage.

Oils applied to the umbilical button are preferred for various purposes, as well as a wide variety of oils in addition to weaving, thyme and rose oil.
Indian oil, sesame oil, mustard oil, nim oil, ginger oil, ozonized centaury oil are other oils applied to the navel.
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