Buckwheat burst, rice burst, sorgum, kinoa, barley, wheat buffs… All of these are the new competitors of the Egyptian explosion!
Moreover, it is so easy to prepare this delicious and extremely healthy snacks!
Okay, all of them will not be as big and soft as delicious corn grains, but my question is a little more ambitious about this – these new popccled seeds are also very tasty!
First of all, these grains will not be completely upside down like corn and say once again that it will not be huge. Therefore, make sure you hold them too much on the stove to be huge.
It is easy to explode buckwheat or rice from some points than to explode corn. Because there is no need to use oil in these recipes. In fact, you do not even need to close the pot, as there will be no corn grains that quickly rise and leave the pot.
How to make buckwheat burst? How to make rice burst? Middle – You can cook over high heat. A mid -sized pot will also work. If there is a pot that you always use to explode corn, it will be ideal for this.
We will not use oil, but the pan must be completely angry. Of course without burning the pan!
Key point!
If you want to check whether the ceiling is ready to explode buckwheat or kinoa, you can test the water test.
Drip 1-2 drops of water into the empty pan, sizzle and quickly evaporate, the pan is ready.
Do not, but don’t try the water test in a pan with oil added!
Let’s continue … Yes, if the pan is ready, we can throw our grains into the pan.
At one time, we should only throw a thin layer of explosion. So the grains should not overlap in the pan.
Let’s shake the pan frequently, just like the corn explodes so that the grains do not burn. After a very short time, sizzling and cracking will begin.
When the cracks are finished, let’s take the outburses from the stove. If they remain too long, the grains will really become painful, especially buckwheat.
Kinoa, my interrogation or buckwheat… The time you need when exploding them will not be longer than 2 minutes.
How to detonate Kinoa? Kinoa is soft enough to eaten even raw. Therefore, the danger of burning when exploding is negligible.
The exploding kinoa grains do not grow much, but exploding them allows them to gain an extra flavor.

How to make a barley explosion? Barley is a really hard grain. It is difficult to say that it is ideal to explode. But when it explodes, it is really delicious. It has a high aroma, resembling walnuts.
If you want to try it, be sure to try this process with a barley taken. Otherwise, the outer shell will already be burned before barley grains start to explode.
Remember, in general, it is not very suitable for exploding whole grains. You can choose cereals with outer shell to explode.
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