Phosphoric acid is a commonly used additive in processed and packaged foods, especially gas beverages such as soda.
It is preferred for a long shelf life, freshness and extra flavor for food and beverages. It eliminates the risk of possible bacteria and mold reproduction. In addition, it provides an extra sharp and delicious aroma
This substance is in colorless, odorless and water -soluble crystalline form.
Phosphoric acid is called phosphos acid among the people. The basic substance of phosphoric acid is the mineral phosphorus which is naturally found in foods. Mineral phosphorus is functional for strong bones and teeth. It also supports kidney functions. It is also effective in gaining the old strength of the muscles after training.
Mineral phosphorus is first converted to phosphorus peroxide in phosphoric rebellious production. The process is then completed.
What are the damages of phosphoric acid? Unlike most minerals and vitamin, phosphorus excess is more common in society.
This is because people take the necessary phosphorus to their bodies with natural foods and take extra phosphoric acid to their bodies with the consumption of processed foods.
Excess phosphorus is directly connected with osteoporosis and heart diseases.
Excess phosphorus adversely affects the calcium levels in the body. Low calcium levels are associated with easy -broken bones and unhealthy teeth.
In addition to calcium, excess phosphorus can adversely affect the use of iron, zinc and magnesium minerals in the body.
Studies are quite striking at this point. A study explains every day as two times that people who consume soda consume bone breaking risk compared to those who do not consume.
Phosphoric acid is a chemical substance. In addition to the items above, it can cause serious irritation in its contact while raw. Exposure to smoke can irritate the skin, eyes and respiratory system.

Which foods are found in phosphorus? Naturally containing phosphorus foods are numerous.
Generally, highly high protein -containing foods contain high rates and phosphorus.
Red meat, white meat, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products contain the highest rate of phosphorus.
Non -animal foods are also naturally found in a certain rate of phosphorus.
Full cereals, potatoes, garlic phosphorus source are herbal nutrients. ndir-
Foods that reduce phosphorus are very diverse of phosphorus used in packaged foods.
Reading the effects of packaged foods and limiting foods containing phosphorus in various forms is wise if there is a high risk of the body.
Calcium phosphate
Disodium phosphate
phosphoric acid
Monopotasium phosphate _
Sodium acid pyro phosphate
Sodium tripoli phosphate
It forms various forms of phosphorus used in foods.
Change naturally high phosphorus foods with alternatives can also help reduce the amount of phosphorus in the body.
For example, almonds and pirin milk may be preferred instead of animal -based milk.
Instead of processed meats such as bacon, ham and sausage, lean beef, egg, lamb, seafood containing lower phosphorus can be preferred.
Coke, bottled cold teas, sodas, energy and sports drinks instead of water, mineral water, lemonade, brewing tea and coffee may be preferred. nadir-bulunur/ You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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