The purpose of the traditional Bandırma process is to prevent the wolf and deterioration of figs. In addition, it is aimed to purify the banded figs from the soil adhering to them while on the branch. Bandırma extends the life of dry fig. Figs that are not made of Bandırma will be deteriorated, hardened and wolves in a short time. This process is also; It is also applied to other dried fruits such as grapes and mulberry. [Caption id = “Attachment_6994” Align = “Alignleft” Width = “217”] Bandırma Process [/Caption] How to make traditional fig Bandırma? The Bandırma process performed with traditional method is a very laborious process. New copper boilers must be used. The boilers are filled with pure, chlorine -free drinking water. Plenty of fruit, bay leaves and mountain thyme is thrown into it. All these plants should be grown away from agricultural pesticides, and if possible, without even touching exhaust gas. During this process, a small amount of salt can be added to the water. When the water with Murt fruit, bay leaves and mountain thyme boils, the figs are put into the water with knitting baskets. Figs remain in the water for 4-5 minutes. If the figs remain too much in the water, they soften, lose their form and flavor. If figs are less than necessary in the water, they cannot soften enough at this time, water cannot have enough population into the figs and cannot have a protective effect. The smell of fragrant Murt fruit, bay leaf and mountain thyme cannot interfere with the flavor of the fruit. In short, during Bandırma, timing is one of the most important things. [Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] “Alignright” width = “300”] rock fig [/caption] Following the process, figs are re -laid in the sun. They stay in the exhibition for up to 1 day. Figs removed from the exhibition will be ready to eat ideal consistency. [Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] to ensure that it is. For this reason, it is known that some manufacturers are made only with water or only with bay leaves – bay leaves in preventing the liberation. However, for the ideal Bandırma process, Murt fruit, bay leaves and mountain thyme is needed. Because these plants give their pleasant flavors and scents to figs, allowing figs to have a unique shadow. In other words, the figs applied to Bandırma are not only long -lasting. It is also pleasant flavored. The mixture of thyme, laurel and murtun has a very pleasant smell. [Button Link = “ Let us talk about the chemical Bandırma process, which has a large number of negative effects on human health, using chemical materials. The chemical Bandırma process is a very effortless process compared to the traditional Bandırma process. Failure to prefer chemical Bandırma is important for human health. This method is often used in very large -scale fabrication production. The substance used for chemical bandage is peroxide. Peroxide ensures that figs do not deteriorate for a long time. Peroxic, which threatens human health and has ruins on figs as a result of Bandırma, also provides the whitening of the figs. Peroxidated figs; Bright light colored, allure. However, these whitened figs that come into contact with peroxide are no longer chemical, as well as their flavor is not good enough. Peroxide will disrupt the unique taste and smell of figs. You can buy our figs prepared with the traditional Bandırma process from our store. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our current product and price lists, campaigns and healthy diet.