Hedik or dental wheat, dental gift; Wheat, chickpeas, corn, beans and lentils are a traditional Anatolian recipe.
Dry fruits and nuts in some regions include tariffs.
Although there are those who prepare them as tomato paste or yogurt, essentially there is no tomato paste in the original recipe. Paste recipes are juicy as food, not dry. So the aqueous hedik recipe is like this.
What is a dental gift? Dental gift is the ceremony to celebrate the first female of babies. And guests, spouses, friends are boiled and served.
There are different names in different regions. For example, slave, arm, sliding, blackberry or dirgit are among these names.
The basic material of the recipe is wheat. The work is started by boiling wheat. As soon as it is cooked, it is a part of the custom to feed the child from this wheat.
After wheat, the recipe is enriched with other materials.
Lentils, beans, corn pulses such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, such as nuts are among the added. In addition, local flavors such as roasting and Çedenne are among those added to the request.
In some regions, the recipe is prepared as a sugary. Especially if the recipe is prepared for a ceremony or celebration. While decorating, Turkish delight, sugary cookies, raisins or simply powdered sugar are included in the recipe.
Hedik is quite easy to prepare. It is simple and delicious with quality materials.

Hediklik wheat from horse seeds, quality wheat is preferred if the recipe is very delicious. The black sword is ideal for the hedik of wheat. However, if it is not found, Ashura is also suitable for wheat.
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