Benzoic acid is both a common component of some fresh fruits, as well as a food additive or preservative. In addition, intestinal bacteria are produced when polyphenols work.
Other name: It is also called benzoat.
Benzoic acid formula: What does C7H6O2 do? Where to use? It is widely used as food protectors in many processed foods, including bakery products, salad sauces, margarine, sugar, gum, ice cream, sauces, fruit juices, carbonated drinks and even pickles.
Anti -microbial compound. For this reason, many cosmetics and personal care, such as gargara, are included in the content of the products.
Benzoic acid is also an effective component in insect repellents.
Mushroom preventive properties. For this reason, it is found in preventive creams, ointments and products used in the treatment of ringworm.
Some diapers contain benzoic acid.
What natural foods are Benzoat? For example, cranberries and strawberry fruits naturally contain this substance. In addition, cultured dairy products – like yogurt, such as yogurt, have a natural benzoic acid.
Soybean beans, various nuts and pulses are also rich in benzoicacid.
According to some sources, blackberries, plums, tea, coconut, cinnamon, cloves also contain low doses of benzoic acid.

What are the types of benzoic acid? Sodium benzoate
Benzil Benzoat
Benzoyl peroxide

Sodium benzoate
Sodium benzoate; It is the salt of benzoic acid and is used as food preservatives.
It is produced by reaction with sodium hydroxide, which provides benzoic acid in water.
Benzil Benzoat
It is a compound used to control mites or ticks.
Benzoyl peroxide
It is found in many cosmetic products and medicines for acne treatment.
It has bleaching properties.
Because of this feature, it is used in flour production and tooth whitening products.
Since it can initiate chemical reactions in the production of some plastics, it is known to be used in plastic production. neden-bu-kadar-zarli/ Well let’s come to our main question! Is it harmful to benzoic acid? In general, low level of exposure to benzoic acid is not considered toxic. However, consuming high amounts can be poisonous.
Benzoate is not soluble in oil, so it does not concentrate in body fat. It is wise to consult your doctor even though it will be applied topically.
In general, the topical application of some benzoic acid derivatives is considered safe even for pregnant women, this is the variable.
On the other hand, benzoic acid can be irritating skin for some people. It can trigger the allergic reaction.
In case of inhalation, may cause problems such as irritation, cough, wheezing and shortness of breath in the nose, throat and lungs.
Those with liver disease and aspirin sensitivity can be particularly sensitive to benzoic acid.
Finally, it is important to know that sodium benzoate can form a carcinogenic substance called benzene when combined with ascorbic acid (vitamin C). You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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