Benzoin resin is a natural tree resin incense known as Styrax benzoin, noble gum, cavi crisis, benzoin gum or cavi noblebent.
Styrax is harvested from trees. These trees grow widely in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.
How’s the smell? It has a relaxing, refreshing, warm aroma. It is usually defined by the first experiences as a smell resembling the smell of vanilla.
This resin incense, which is still recognized in our country, is widely used in negative energy cleaning and purification rituals in some parts of the world.
This special resin, also used in perfume making and handmade natural incense mixtures, is preferred as a base note in perfume recipes.
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Jasmine, juniper, rose, vetiver,
Ginger, coriander, black pepper,
It is compatible with other citrus oils and odors such as lemon, orange, tangerine and bergamot.
How to use the benzoin resin? How to burn? The easiest, practical method of burning resin incense is to use incense coal.
When the incense coal is burned and the corner returns, that is, when it is completely ready to use, it is enough to put a piece of cavi noble incense on coal.
[Button Link = “ It can also be used on it. In this way, the spread of the smell is slower, the odor comes out lighter.
The Benzoin incense pan can also be heated or burned directly in the stone incense pan.
After burning your smoke incense, open the environment by opening the windows. This is a advice that you can use for all incense. Ventilation helps you improve energy flow. Benzoin oil is a very valuable oil obtained from benzoin resin. This oil; It has antiseptic and anti -inflammatory properties.
It is used for arthritis, bronchitis, cough and stress treatment in traditional drugs.
Invincible and not drinking. Suitable for only topical use.
Cavi noble oil, which is a strong fat, should be used by diluting to prevent skin irritation.
There are studies showing that oil has a positive effect when used by inhalation (diffuser) for breathing and chest congestion and expectorant purposes.

According to a new scientific study of benzoin tincture, this tincture; In external use, Candida gives effective results in the treatment of infections caused by bacteria and fungi such as Mycobacterium Fortuitum.
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