It is a plant with a pleasant smell and pleasant appearance of the Blue Kaside Seed (Skullcap) or a widespread name of the Skuba Flower (Chinese skullcap) Ballıbabiller family.
Kaside grass (Chinese skullcap) Kaside grass is mentioned among plants with an important place in the pharmaceutical industry. Blue kaside grass extract is widely used in mixture food supplements. These are usually supplements that aim to strengthen immunity.
Dried or directly freshly; It is also used as tincture and use.
Skullcap flower tea is brewed to protect from colds. The plant is usually used regularly and left for a certain period of time. Various side effects can be observed in every plant in excessive and too long -term use.
Cure application usually lasts up to 4 to 8 weeks. In determining this period, help should be obtained from experts.
A specialist should be consulted before the plant is used in an internal. Because in some people, unwanted side effects are observed rapidly. Arrhythmia, like mental blur.
It is also difficult to detect the blue muscle that resembles many other plants.
Sometimes intentionally, sometimes with error, other plants are offered for sale with this name instead of kaside grass. For this reason, it is important to supply the weed grass from a certain, competent people.
So what is the purpose of the blue kaside plant used? What are the benefits?
What are the benefits of blue kaside grass? In traditional Chinese medicine, it is very common to use in order to get rid of diarrhea and chronic pain.
The Indian tribes also benefited from the healing of this plant to get rid of a wide variety of diseases.
Nowadays, blue kaside grass is a biki which is sold in the form of food supplements. Supplements are often preferred to support heart health and alleviate anxiety and regulate mood.
Sk upkeeper also
Gastric spasm
High cholesterol
Resentment due to flu and flu
Dry cough
Various allergies
It is known to be used for skin diseases.
The plant is also known to have antiviral and antibacterial properties.
The number of scientific studies that support the positive and negative effects of the plant on the health of the Kaside plant Skullcap are very small.
Therefore, the use of pregnant and nursing women and children is not recommended.
It is not recommended by people with liver disease.
It should be known that cholesterol lowering, blood thinner, painkillers may interact with drugs.
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