The breastfeeding mother eats what the absorbing baby is directly related to these nutrients.
Some allergen nutrients consumed by the breastfeeding mother may directly disturb the baby and cause an allergic reaction.
Foods that are allergic by breast milk are numerous. Cow’s milk is located at the beginning of the list.
Allergic foods in infants except cow’s milk
Purchable nuts, especially peanuts,
Eggs, fish, shells such as animal -based foods such as seafood,
Soy and soy -based foods,
Wheat and wheat products and foods with other gluten content are among the most common allergen foods.

What are the symptoms of allergy in infants? When the mother consumes these nutrients, if an allergic reaction develops in the baby, it may occur widespread redness and itching.
Unrest, insomnia, dry cough, frequent sneezing, eczema and bloody diarrhea are other symptoms due to allergy.
If the baby’s allergic sensitivity is too high, more serious results may also be seen.
When the symptoms of food allergy are observed in newborns, support should be taken from a specialist physician.

Breastfeeding mother What should she eat to avoid gas in the baby? Although not every infant does not show an allergic reaction of the mother’s food consumption, it is very common to encounter gas problems due to what the mother eats and how it eats.
It is of great importance that breastfeeding mothers take care of their eating habits.

Foods that gas to the baby should stay away from gas -forming foods. For example, carbonated beverages, ready -made fruit juices are gas -maker and may disturb the absorbing baby.
The slow and thoroughly chewing of foods is another important point to minimize the gas problem in the baby.

Can breastfeeding mother eat onions? Does the onion touch the baby? It is recommended that breastfeeding mothers stay away from foods such as garlic, broccoli, cauliflower and dry beans, especially onions, especially onions.
The reason for this is that these nutrients are both gas -making and the taste and smell of breast milk.
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