Chromium Picolinate (Chrome Picolinate) is a state of mineral chrome reinforcement products.
The reason for the preference of these reinforcement forms is to increase weight loss, to provide long -term satiety feeling and to improve and accelerate metabolism in general.
What is Chromium Picolinate? Chrome is found in various forms. Chrome picolinate is the chrome in the reinforcement form.
Chrome is generally a mineral that is considered to be low absorbed in the intestines. This amount is often below 2.5 %.
Chrome picolinate is considered a better absorbed alternative chrome form.
Are there chrome foods? In many foods, chrome is naturally found in a safe mineral form.
In animal foods -such as root meat, red meat, cheese -and in various cereals, pulses -such as rice, such as rice; Some vegetables – such as patatoes, broccoli, mushrooms – and some fruits – such as oranges, such as orange.
Beer yeast is also considered an important chrome source.
The real chrome content of most foods is uncertain. However, chrome deficiency is very rare in societies.
This mineral contributes a few important functions in the body.
For example; It is known that insulin hormone helps to perform actions in the body.
For diabetic patients, chrome supplements are thought to be effective in improving the body’s insulin response or lowering blood sugar.

Does chrome weaken picolinate? What does Chromium Picolinate do? Chrome picolinate can bring small weight loss in long -term use in overweight or obese people.
These rates are not considered significant.
In people with healthy weight problems, it is revealed that this supplement does not bring weight loss even when combined with exercise.

How to use Chromium? Chrome picolinate hungry or full? For the highest level of absorption, it is usually taken on an empty stomach. It is accepted that the ideal timing was shortly before meals.

What is beer yeast? It is a substance used in beer yeast, beer and bread production.
It is obtained from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a single -celled mushroom.
The taste is painful. Beer yeast pill is also sold in reinforcement form.
It is considered a rich source of chromium that can help the body to maintain blood sugar levels.
It is also rich in vitamin B.
Beer yeast is also accepted as a valuable probiotic and is used to help digestion. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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