Karakafes grass; Stomach ulcers, diarrhea, cough is a known plant for complaints such as past times.
It is also used by mouthwash for gum diseases and sore throat.
Latin name: Symphytum officinale
This type of shrub grows in a very large area. The plant has purple, blue and white flowers.
Karakafes plant is used in medication, although it contains toxic chemicals called pyrolysisidine alkaloids.
https://egepazarindan.com/balmumu-yara-tedavisi-nedir-beeswax-ne-se-yarar/ What are the benefits of Karakafes? For the drug, the leaf, root and body parts of the plant are used.
Chemicals in the Karafeste may have wound healing effects and reduce inflammation when applied to the skin.
Muscle sprains
Burns on the skin
Joint inflammation is also the common use of the plant.
However, Karakafes may contain toxic chemicals that can be absorbed by skin. Therefore, it should not be used uncontrollably or externally.
The plant contains compounds that can damage the liver in uncontrolled use. It can also be carcinogenic.
In the world where internal use is prohibited, there are various stores.

Karakafes Oil Karakafes Oil; Allantoin contains is a strong wound healing thanks to saponins, polysaccharides and other natural plant chemicals.
It has the ability to treat bruises, sprains, pulled muscles and other tissue damage.
However, the plant is so strong that it should never be used directly in open wounds.
It should not be forgotten that Karakafes is a strong healing plant and is not suitable for use in daily skin care.
It can be preferred for special conditions where your skin needs healing.

Karakafes root is also used for Karakafes root hair. It has healing properties.
Karakafes is useful for hair growth because it contains gamma linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid. This helps to promote skin and hair growth.
If you want to use the Karaf for your hair, it is recommended that you choose professionally formulated products.

Where does Karakafes grow? This type of shrub can adapt to many different climates.
It is common in Europe and Asian circles.
It has a wide growing area in our country. It is common in Marmara, Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia.
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