Radika grass with dandelion or other known name; Only one of the unique herbs of the Aegean!
In the mountains, in the countryside and even between a stone, it is very likely that you will come across the yellow flowers of this plant!
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/karahindiba-cicek-yeni-sezon-50-g-radika/” Color = “orange” newwindow = “Yes”] It is used in salads, prepared as appetizers, lamb meat is made with meat, added to herbs, tea, even vinegar can be made.
Is Radika Riş be eaten? Both the root and green parts of the plant and the flowers are edible. There is no harm in the raw consumption of green leaves.
The yellow flowers of the plant are also used for making jam.

What are the benefits of dandelion? It contains dense potassium, calcium, vitamin A and C.
When brewed as tea, it is usually preferred to help digestion after meals.
Radika plant can be listed as follows:
Constipation is anti -constipation.
Gas reliever.
It has diuretic properties.
It is among the natural plants that strengthen immunity.
It is an antiallergic plant.
It is facilitating digestion. It is thought to be good for reflux.
Dandelion is among the liver friendly herbs.
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How to apply to the skin of dandelion? Dandelion is also used in the production of natural cosmetics. It is prepared as tincture or ointment. It is often preferred externally in the treatment of skin problems such as acne and eczema.
In external use, dandelion leaf or flower are used.
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How to prepare dandelion tea? Usually the root parts or flowers of the plant are used for tea. The roots can be dried and preferable. It will be practical.
Flower parts are suitable for use fresh or dried. Flowers are not very painful. Aromatic.
If the radika tea is prepared with root, it is prepared slightly differently than other herbal teas.
1 teaspoon of dried and ground chicory root is left in 1 cup of water 1 night in advance. The next day the root is boiled, drained and consumed with the same water.
Consumption as much as 1 tea cup on a daily basis is ideal. It should not be overcome.
Flower parts are used more practically. 3-4 flowers are enough for 1 cup of tea. [Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/karahindiba-cicek-yeni-sezon-50-50-g-radika/” Color = “orange” newwindow = “Yes”]
Radika Salad Recipe You can prepare a Radika grass salad by boiling for only 1-2 minutes or raw.
Fresh leaves of the plant are used for salad.
What you need will only be a little olive oil, garlic, lemon and salt.
Blend the other ingredients with radika leaves and take it to the serving plate so simple!
You can add additional mushrooms, eggs, tomatoes and cheese to your salad. They are all tastes that are very good for radical. ENJOY YOUR MEAL!
When will the dandelion happen? Dandelion is collected especially in spring and autumn times. The root parts of the plant are usually removed during October-November times.
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