Coke hazelnut or cola peanuts (cola nuts) is a very special plant that gives its name and aroma to drink cola.
Latin name: Cola Acuminata hazelnuts; It grows in cola trees grown from rainforests. The dimensions are up to chestnut. The tastes are pity. As you chew, this bitter taste gradually becomes sweet.
It is common in African countries, especially Nigeria.
Fruits also have many positive effects on health.
Accelerates metabolism. The reason for this is caffeine contained in hazelnuts.
Helps digestion. It is thought to promote stomach acid production in the stomach.
Gives energy. Coke walnut naturally stimulates the central nervous system and increases the alertness.
It accelerates circulation with caffeine and teobrine it contains. nler/ contains caffeine in approximately 2 %to 3 %and 1 to 2 %teobrine, which serves as stimulating nuts.
Coke walnut also contains micro -foods such as potassium, magnesium and calcium.

How does cola use hazelnuts? Traditionally, the grains are consumed for a long time in the mouth. Chewing fruits refresh the breath.
In addition, consumption by adding to carbonated beverages is another common use.
It is a widely used fruit in energy drinks and performance enhancing.

What are the benefits of cola peanuts to the skin? Although not very common in our country, cola fruits can be used externally.
Fruits are highly effective in cleaning and refreshing groom.
In addition, cola hazelnuts accelerates blood circulation with caffeine containing. This naturally provides anti cellulite effect in the body.

What are the damages of cola? Products containing cola peanuts and of course cola peanuts may not be suitable for everyone.
First of all, anyone with nuts allergy should also avoid cola hazelnuts.
It will not be a good choice for people with high blood pressure or certain heart diseases due to the stimulating effect of cola stimulating.
Consumption of people with chronic sleep problems is not recommended. The high level of caffeine in hazelnuts can stimulate the central nervous system and make sleep even more difficult in caffeine -sensitive people.

Coke hazelnut varieties have more than 140 known sub -species of collas. However, the most widely consumed in Africa stands out.
The first of these is the wild Cola Acuminata, also known as small cola or bitter cola, and the second is Cola Nitida, known as large cola or cola peanuts. The second species is not wild, but raising. good-mi/ You can subscribe to our Bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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