Ginkgo Biloba or the temple tree, with a name, is a unique and unique tree without any upper or upper type of Japanese plum.
This tree is essentially specific to China.
The leaves and seed parts of the tree are used for medical purposes. Ginkgo extract is prepared with a traditional recipe from its leaves.
[Button Link = “ ? The plant is specific to China. For this reason, China is also referred to as a temple tree. However, it is a plant that can adapt to some regions in our country. Mild breeding is already done in non -cold regions and provinces.
Istanbul, Bursa, Muğla, Izmir Ginkgo Biloba breeding is done in Izmir.

The fuel tree fruit of the tree is like plums both the appearance and taste of the fruits of the tree.
Fruits also store the seeds of the tree. While these fruits are not fully mature, they are green and softens as they ripen and get an orange color.
Ginkgo Biloba trees don’t all give fruit. Only female trees had fruits. Men’s trees are completely fruitless and green leaves.

Ginkgo biloba tea btib’s tea is usually prepared from the leaves of the tree. After the collected leaves are collected, they are dried in the shade.
This tea is often preferred to increase the concentration, reduce forgetfulness and strengthen memory. It is thought that this tea is the long life secret of the Chinese.
Ginkgobiloba is first used to improve blood circulation and increase brain functions. However, their purpose is not limited to these.
Let’s examine this extraordinary plant more closely.

What is the benefit of ginkgo biloba? It is known that Ginkgo Biloba is used in the treatment and prevention of the following health problems:
Alzheimer’s disease
Anxiety disorder
Chronic fatigue
Insulin resistance
Multiple sclerosis
Sexual dysfunction in women and men
In addition to these diseases, Ginkgo Biloba plant strengthens memory and is thought to reduce the risk of paralysis.
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What are Ginkgo Biloba Damages? Be sure to consult your doctor before you start using the temple tree.
The plant can interact with some medications and cause various side effects.
Abdominal pain is among the possible side effects.
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