Geven grass is one of the most valuable plants of Chinese medicine. It is also known as the name of Astragalus or Chinese Geveni, a therapeutic plant. The yellow roots and resins of the plant are very valuable and these parts are used. People of all ages are accepted as suitable for use.
So what are the benefits of Geven grass and this precious plant? Geven grass is very rich in potassium and magnesium, copper and manganese. The immune system is supportive. In autoimmune diseases, it is preferred as an immune system supporter.
This Astragalus supports the immune system; It is particularly preferred in seasonal transitions, colds and colds. It is brewed as tea, tincture is prepared or used directly in food supplement form.
In seasonal transitions, the use of astragalus also reduces the negative effects of seasonal allergies.
It has significant positive effects on mycocondria. Geven is an adaptogenic plant and helps the body to maintain the energy level.
There are studies showing that a component in the Geven root protects and extends the telomeres. This is very important because telomeres are directly related to cellular aging. So, the faster the telomers are shorter, the faster we age at the cellular level.
It also has a regulating effect on blood sugar.

How to use Geven grass? Geven grass is often consumed as tea. In addition, preparing Astragalus tincture is also very common. Products in the form of ready -to -use food supplements capsule form are also easily found in the market. Geven root powder is added to soups and vegetables and fruit juices and smoothies.

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