What is stress -related stomach pain?
Stomach pain is a disturbing condition that many people complain about. Unwanted stomach pain; Eating can adversely affect your eating, even your sleep and even moving.
Even though it has not changed your diet or general health, it may be stress if you have more often stomach pain problems!
Does stress cause stomach pain? The answer to this problem is clearly yes. There may be many different causes of stomach pain, stress is one of these reasons and is common.
According to experts, our stomach and intestines have a unique nervous system. These nerves respond to stress just like our brain.
When we are stressed, the secreted hormones can reach our digestive system.
Stress -related stomach pain
How is stress -related stomach pain distinguished from pain due to indigestion? It is difficult to distinguish these two pain. Stress -caused stomach pain is like stomach pain due to a physical cause. It is seen with other similar symptoms of similar intensity and similar symptoms. These two types of pain can be seen together.
If you suffer from physical pain, it is also possible that this pain will deteriorate with psychological stress.
Stress -related stomach pain
Pain diary may work to keep a diary to distinguish physical pain from psychological pain. In the diary, you can write your general mood and the foods you consume, whether you hear pain. After you have continued this for a certain period of time, you can understand whether there is a connection between your pain and mood or between what you eat. A specialist can be received from an expert.
Psychological stress caused by stomach pain, usually;
A general state of tension,
Negative thoughts,
Fast and frequent breathing.

How to deal with stress -related stomach pain? It is the most important point to detect the source of stress. Then it is necessary to get away from the stress source as much as possible or to develop methods of coping with this resource. At this point, it is vital to change our perspective of stress that creates stress.
Breath exercises,
Regular sports training will help to purify stress.
In this regard, a specialist can get help.
In summary, it is important to learn the reason if you are experiencing chronic stomach pain. Your stomach pain may be caused by physical or psychological reasons. After detecting the source of the problem, it will be much easier to reach the solution.
Pay attention to what your body tells you and feel free to ask for help from experts when necessary.
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