Tinnitus; It can be caused by age -dependent, ear dirt, pressure or liquid in the middle ear.
Exposure to high sound, head trauma or high blood pressure can also lead to tinnitus.
Some drugs may also cause tinnitus or worse the condition.
In some cases, resonance can be psychological based.
If the tinnitus that does not pass the tinnitus is increasing, or if it is long -term, a ear, nose and throat doctor should go.

What is good to tinnitus? Of course, the solution changes depending on the cause of ringing. Sometimes only cleaning the ear dirt or changing the drug that causes ringing is the solution.
In addition, there are some natural plants and methods that are said to help alleviate the tinnitus:
Ginkgo biloba
Gingko Biloban, known for its positive effects on circulation, is also known to give positive results in some people in the tinnitus. A research conducted in 2013 supports this idea.
Zinc reinforcement
Zinc plays an important role in nerve transmission in the auditory system in the body.
A study published in 2015 has evaluated zinc levels in people with tinnitus. And found that zinc levels are significantly low in people with complaints.
In addition to zinc, vitamin B12 and magnesium levels are thought to be effective on ringing.
Acupuncture is a popular therapy method in the complaint of ringing in the ear. However, the studies showing that therapy has a definite positive result are inadequate.

How does psychological tinnitus go? It was found that the combination of biofeedback and cognitive behavioral therapy in getting rid of ringing gave positive results.
Biofeedback is defined as a process that includes learning to focus on vital functions that are normally unconscious, such as heart rate and breath.

Does depression tinnitus tinnitus? It is also possible to talk about the tinnitus that occurs due to depression, proximity and therefore the drugs used.
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