What is Histamine Diet?
Histamine is typically associated with allergies.
However, its function is not limited to this. Histamine is involved in body brain communication, trigger stomach acid release and expanding blood vessels to reduce blood pressure.
Histamine is needed by the body. This need is particularly important in acute cases such as injury or bee stings.
Histamine is found in the body naturally.
It is stored in immune cells called mast cells and basophils.
Problems occur when histamine levels increase in the body or when the body cannot process it correctly.
Problems are often visible with allergy -like complaints such as itching, sneezing, headache, redness in the eye, joint pain, irritable bowel syndrome and nausea.
Such situations are more common in women than men.
It has the highest prevalence in the middle age group.
The use of antihistaminic drugs and supplements is common to block histamine activity and alleviate symptoms.
Unfortunately, it is very difficult to make the full diagnosis of the so -called histamine intolerance. There is no definite diagnostic test that determines this situation.
https://egepazarindan.com/alkali-diyet-nasil-yapilir-alkali-diyet-listesi/ How does histamine accumulate in the body? Our mast cells secrete histamine in response to certain triggers.
Some histamine is provided to our body from the foods we eat.
The diet we maintain in the histam of the body has an important role.
Because some food and drinks have histamine content. And some are also encouraging histamine release. Some can do both.
The body has the power to break down histamine using certain enzymes.
The effectiveness of the enzyme responsible for this varies depending on our genetics, nutrition and intestinal health.
Painkillers used, antidepressants and other drugs may adversely affect this mechanism.
Especially in women, estrogen levels are an important factor in the amount of histamine circulating in the body.
Histamine intolerance is different from other allergies or sensitivities in many respects.

The low histamine diet is one of the most useful methods in evaluating histamine intolerance and understanding your personal threshold.
However, it should not be forgotten that this is not a treatment method.
It is wise to get support from a professional and keep a dinner diary while maintaining the diet applied for this certain time.
One -day helps you to identify problematic foods and determine preparation and cooking methods that may need to be adapted.
In the first place aims to reduce symptoms, while limiting the consumption of alcohol, milk and fermented foods is the first mind.
Because these foods contain histamine, and some have the effect of increasing histamine release.
Many other foods can block the activity of the DAO enzyme responsible for processing histamine. Such foods are often excluded from the diet.
At the beginning of these foods, caffeine is often a priority.
Other foods that support histamine release and known as histamine freelancers can be listed as follows:
Tomatoes, avocado and brussels sprouts
Pulses and legumes including peanuts
Banana, Strawberry, Pineapple, Papaya, Kiwi and Citrus
Wheat and wheat products
Seafood and shellfish seafood
Cocoa and Chocolate
Some nutrients act as natural antihistamines that prevent histamine formation in the body.
Vitamins C and D, B group vitamins, copper, zinc, manganese kuersetin and kurkumine are included in this group.
Some foods that act like natural antihistamines can be listed as follows:
Water cress
Various natural herbs including tarragon, thyme and chamomile
Ginger, Havlican and turmeric
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