Begonvil flower; Pink, purple, orange or even white flowers dazzling with a dazzling ivy plant.
It is also known as basement flower, cemile flower, bridal veil or begonvil winding.
It is not a very difficult plant to care for. It loves the sun, resistant to drought. But he doesn’t like cold air, the wife, the panties. And it is very difficult to grow in open areas in areas where winter temperature falls to minus.
When does begonvil bloom? Begonvil, which you can see with colorful flowers in almost every season of the year, renews its flowers, 3 times in spring and autumn. In winter it poures its leaves and flowers and remains without flowers for a short time.
Begonviller are plants that you can grow in the garden or in large pots.
Begonvil Care in the Pot If the climate you live in is decreasing to minus degrees in winter, it is recommended that you do the cultivation directly to the pots, not the soil.
So you can protect your plant by taking your plant to a closed space the last day and nights.
Dodur begonvil may not be suitable for growing all kinds of begonville pots. It is also important to detect the suitable type in the pot. Dwarf species are ideal for pots.
Begonviller drought and even tropical climate -like plants. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid excessive irrigation.
The lower part of the containers of the likes grown in the pot should be a hole. It is also a general mistake to prefer very large pots according to the height.

When is begonvil pruned? We mentioned that the begonvils bloom three times a year. The ideal pruning times will be immediately after these blooming times.

In which month is begonvil pruned?
In spring, autumn or in summer, the flowers can be pruning immediately after opening. Pruning is not made in winter.
Why are the leaves of begonvilin pour? Begonviller shows the tendency to pour and dry the leaves at low temperature, low temperature. Excessive irrigation can also damage the begonvile again. Begonvil exposed to frost is greatly damaged.
Rarely, the leaves that receive direct sunlight may burn from the sun.

How to revive the drying begonvil? It is necessary to make a comprehensive pruning to improve your drying begonvil.
All dead branches are cut except for the vivid branches. And the plant is watered beautifully. Meanwhile, the plant should be protected from the wind and excessive cold. If necessary, it can be covered with a nylon.
Comprehensive pruning will help the fertilizer -like -free begonvil to return to life.

How much is the begonvil? This plant, which does not like water very much, often does not irrigate less. Instead, sufficient irrigation at long intervals.
Irrigation will be sufficient once every 3-4 weeks. This frequency can be increased slightly to the very hot days.
The bent leaves indicate that the plant is dehydrated.

How to reproduce from begonvil branch? When to be sewn? It is one of the plants that can be reproduced by steeling with branches. The autumn season will be the ideal time to make steeling with branches.
The most ideal times for bringing the plant to the soil are spring and autumn. Does Bodrum flower grow in Central Anatolia? Does it grow in Ankara? Unfortunately, Begonvils cannot adapt to Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia climates due to winter cold below zero. However, it is possible to grow begonvil flowers in closed areas and indoor balconies in these regions. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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