Honeybush is essentially a medical aromatic plant specific to South Africa. This yellow flowering plant, which is generally consumed as tea, has producers in our country, albeit on very small scales.
Latin name: cyclopia intermedia
The plant is usually consumed by brewing. The leaf parts of the shrub -shaped plant are used for brewing. The use of a 60 degree full of water is ideal.
It is a very popular tea worldwide because of its various medical and therapeutic features.
Since its taste and smell resembles honey, it is also referred to as honey flower or honey bush (Heuningbos) tea. It is slightly drinking.
It is consumed easily and with pleasure without additional sugar or sweetener. It is served both hot and cold.
https://egepazarindan.com/ashwagandha-nir-hint-ginsengi-ne-se-yrar/ Honeybush tea contains caffeine? Honeybush tea is a completely caffeinated and unintentional alternative. It is rich in antioxidants and has iron, zinc, calcium content.

What are the benefits of Honey Bush tea? It is often preferred in seasonal transitions. It helps to get rid of cough, has a expectorant effect. It supports the general immunity of the body.
It is also widely used to alleviate menopause symptoms.
It fights free radicals in cells and has the effects of delaying aging.
Balanced blood sugar.
It supports bone health with its remarkable calcium and other components.

Is Honeybush drink during pregnancy? Although it may seem like a pleasant alternative -free alternative, the work done with this plant is insufficient.
In order to avoid possible side effects, the consumption of pregnant and breastfeeding women is not recommended.
Likewise, it should not be used together with drugs as it can change the effects of drugs.

Is Honey Bush Rooibos tea the same? These two plants are two types of very close families. It has similar growing areas. However, even if it is mixed frequently, both are two different types of plants.
RoOibos tea is more common and used in our country. Post is a plant that is also sold as tea.

What are the side effects and damages? The consumption of the plant has no side effects reported so far.
However, it interacts with drugs used and other antioxidants. If you are using regular medication, consult your doctor before you start consuming this plant.
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