Pursuant Seed Seed; Omega 3 tank is among the edible seeds. Purslane seed seeds are stored in small pouches in the middle parts of the palace.
These tiny black seeds that occur when you rub with your hand lightly grow easily. It increases and grows effortlessly.
How to obtain purslane grass seed? Which month is planted? The seeds are collected when their purslane grass starts to card and returns to the flower.
The collected seeds are dried first and then stored in a place that does not receive moisture without moisture.
Seeds can be taken at various times. Pursuant usually leaves plenty of seeds at the end of the summer.
The most ideal times to bring these seeds together with the soil will be spring and autumn.
You can plant the seeds directly to the open land. In addition, purslane grass is among the greens that you can grow in pots on your balcony.
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Is purslane wild plant? Pursuit is a plant that grows spontaneously in nature and produced as a result of agricultural activity.
It is possible to easily distinguish these two species. Wild species is also called purslane.

Wild purslane seed is two species of purslane grass growing and wild.
The leaves of the wild pursues are darker and smaller. The taste of this species is more pronounced.
The leaves are large and light green.
Both species are delicious and very beneficial for health, but wild purslane grass is of course much more valuable and delicious. In addition, wild purslane, agricultural drugs and fertilizer do not carry the risk.
Seeds can be easily removed from wild purslane grass. These seeds can be reproduced even by slightly sprinkling on a moist soil in the ideal season.
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Can you eat purslane with bud? Is purslane seed eaten? Pursuant grass is a plant that can be edible from head to toe. The most delicious state of course, the blind and fresh version of the purslane, even when we return to the flower and are suitable for eaten.
There is no harm in the consumption of seeds.
Reds and flowers of variegated color can be eaten in the same way. Only the root parts of the purslane grass plant are not preferred for food.
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What are the benefits of purslane? How should it be consumed? It is a rich plant in vitamins A and C. It is a useful plant for the whole body from cardiovascular health to bone health.
Semiz, who is rich in fiber, also helps to fight against constipation.
In order to get the highest yield from purslane grass, the plant be consumed raw without being exposed to heat.
However, there is no harm in consumption after short -term cooking at low temperature.
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