Laughter yoga is a yoga technique that promises to reduce stress, strengthen immunity, defeat depression, and consequently transforming people into people who think more positively.
The English name of the technique, also known as laughing yoga, is referred to as Laughter Yoga.
Laughing meditation is the focus of laughter yoga. During this meditation, people try to laugh without reason where they sit.
At first, the forced smiles can be replaced by time to real smiles and laughter.
Every person may not be able to change his initial fake smiles with the truth during each meditation.
It is also seen as a possible reaction that the buddies suddenly replaced the buddies during laughter meditations.
The transition to other emotions such as being angry and angry is also experienced emotions during this meditation.
Laughing yoga is often made collectively, not individuals. The contagiousness of laughter is like the key to the technique.

What is laughter yoga? How to make laughter yoga? Collective sessions are usually started with heating movements.
After the warming, it continues with the combination of rhythmic applause and a rhythm containing effects such as “ho, ho, ha, ha, ha, ha”.
Laughter exercises are then filled with oxygen and people who join the session begin to laugh. This part is called laughter exercises.
Laughing exercises and people in the group greet each other by laughing. At first it is difficult to hear real laughter. But after a while, real laughter follows the fake ones.
Laughter exercises follow laughter meditation.

What are the benefits of laughter yoga?
Laughter Yoga Training
The purpose of education is to raise the mood by secreting endorphin to the body.
Laughing naturally reduces stress and strengthens the immune system.
Laughter exercises are increasing the amount of oxygen to our body and brain. It can improve more oxygen efficiency and performance.
Laughter techniques
Laughter Yoga Exercises
Laughter from heart to heart
Approach the person in front of you and hold each other’s hands and laugh.
Gradyan laughter
Start with a smile and then turn it into a chuckle. Then start laughing. Get a sincere smile and follow him laughter.
Laugh as your mouth completely closed.
Quiet laughter
Open your mouth wide and make it smiling, but don’t make a sound.
Lion laughter
Take your tongue out, open your eyes thoroughly and extend your hands like a claw while laughing.
Laughed laughter
Make sure you look into the eyes of the other person and laugh with him and laugh.
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