Coconut allergy and coconut oil allergy are very rare in society.
Is Coconut Allergen? Coconut is referred to among healthy and nutritious foods. However, if you are allergic to coconut, it can be more damaging for you.
It is not true that people who are allergic to shelled fruits, such as peanuts, will certainly be allergic to coconut.
Coconut allergies are not common as peanut allergies, but it is not impossible.

What are the symptoms of coconut allergy? Symptoms of coconut or coconut oil allergies are similar to many other nutrient allergies.
Stomache ache
Skin rash
Eczema on the skin is the most common and prominent complaints.
Symptoms that will pose vital threats such as respiratory difficulties and shortness of breath are very rare.
Coconut oil allergy allergic reaction may also be an allergic reaction based on the contact of coconut oil or other skin care products containing coconut oil.
Redness, itching, rash, water collecting water can be seen in skin contact allergy.
Coconut allergy
What is good for coconut allergy? There is no treatment of coconut allergy. Therefore, it is wise to stay away from coconut and coconut products if you are allergic to this fruit.
Coconut milk
Coconut water
Coconut oil
Coconut cream
Coconut milk powder
Products such as coconut sugar are not suitable for use by allergic people.
In addition, some ready -made foods may include coconut or coconut products.
Fit bar
Ice cream
Baby food
Lotion, soap and shampoos are commonly used coconuts.
Coconut Allergy: Coconut oil burned my face and similar complaints is a sign of allergies. When the symptoms are felt, the oil should be cleaned from the skin without waiting and if there are increased symptoms, a hospital should be visited.
The cause of the burning can also be due to the fact that the oil used is fake or low quality.
Does coconut oil make hair growth? Oil has no hair growth effect. However, due to the intense vitamin E in its content, it may cause staining on the skin if the sonran is exposed to direct sun.
Therefore, it is recommended that skin applications are done at night instead of daytime.
In addition, coconut oil, which can also be effective against acne spots, can have an adverse effect on oily skin and increase acne complaints.

How to understand that coconut oil is broken? When the oil is broken, it easily handles itself. Change in texture and smell is obvious.
A black layer on oil may occur.
It loses its pleasant smell and has a heavy disturbing smell.
It is not correct to use the rest of the upper surface where the deteriorated coconut oil is visible. The entire oil should be destroyed.

Does coconut oil have expiration date? Yes, of course, usually this date is about 2 years from production.
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