Migraine stone is a natural product with intense mentol and mint smell. This stone, which resembles a hard candle, can be used for complaints of joint, waist, leg and neck pain, especially migraine pain complaints.
In shoulder and neck involvement, foot and leg sprains may also be relaxing and mitigating pain.
It is also known to be used externally for breathing -opening and chest softening effect.
It is usually stored in its own special box. It must be stored closed at room temperature.
How to use migraine stone? Migraine stone is high when the first symptoms are felt immediately before the start of the pain.
Lightly wetting before the use of the stone facilitates the use and applying.
Stone against migraine pain; It is slightly applied to the temples, forehead and neck.
The stone provides intense mentol and mint relaxation and gives refreshment. Reduces pain.
Expands the vessels and accelerates blood flow.
Migraine stone users have various comments on their benefit. For some people, the duration of the stone may not always be too long. For some people, it is a great savior because it provides to get rid of pain without the need for a drug.
Application should not be applied to areas close to the eye, the eyes and the face.
Since the stone contains menthol intensively, it can cause a problem of stinging, burning and temporary vision.

Is migraine stone sold in the pharmacy? This stone is not a product or medicine sold with a prescription. There is no internal use.
This stone can be easily obtained from some pharmacies, herbalists and stores selling natural products.
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Natural stones, which are good for migraine, are thought to be very effective in establishing some natural stones in migraine pain. Even carrying these stones on you is thought to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.

Among the stones, the migraine stone necklace is amethyst and amber. As a migraine stone necklace, these two valuable stone is sold.
Amethyst purple colored quartz type is a stone. Easy to find semi -precious stones. It stands out with its effects that facilitate the freeness of mental awareness and stress -related physical pain.
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