Rusaym is a very easy way to increase the nutrition of your baby’s food.
Wheat Ruseymi is the name used to describe the upper part of the wheat. It is nutritious for both infants and adults. Wheat Rusaymi can be easily included in baby nutrition. Adding rüşeym to yogurt and vegetables, fruit purees is the first method that comes to mind.
Wheat; It is rich in protein, iron, folic acid, tiamine, vitamin B and vitamin E. All these vitamins and minerals are vital for the development of babies’ healthy body and mind.
When is Rusheym given to babies? Rusheym should be given approval from the baby’s doctor before being introduced to infants.
In general, it is recommended that wheat and wheat products be given to infants at the earliest 8-12 months old.
Specifically, it is thought that the ideal times to introduce the babies with wheat rusaymi are 8th, 9th months.
However, since not every baby is the same, infants may have special conditions, a doctor’s approval is required before starting all wheat products.
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