Onion grass; It is also known as eggplant grass, Ankara thyme or moth grass, moth grass, moth grass, moth flower. It is a fragrant spice. It is preferred for this pleasant aroma in salads, appetizers, juicy dishes, soups.
Which dishes are used? Mantıya, the meatballs in the oven suits the potato.
The plant, which is one of the thyme, is also very compatible with meat, fish and chicken.
The reason why it is referred to as eggplant grass is also due to its unique harmony with eggplant appetizers and eggplant salad.
Those who try this spice, which is not widely known, cannot easily give up.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/sogan-otu-otu-00-gr-guve-oto-Ankara-kekigi/” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] It grows spontaneously in nature. It is quite difficult to harvest as it grows in the slope lands and rocky areas. It is generally common in high altitude areas.
Eggplant grass; Unlike many spices, it is harvested from the flower parts, not from the leaf parts of the plant. Purple green spice are the flower parts of the plant.
How to use onion grass? Onion grass is added directly to the recipes, just like thyme – often up to 1 pinch. Eggplant grass is included in the construction phase, not later.
https://egepazarindan.com/karabas-otu/ Smid grass can also be consumed by brewing tea.
1 teaspoon of 1 teaspoon for 1 cup is sufficient.
Pouring hot water on dry moth grass and brewing for 3-4 minutes tea is prepared.
.The care should be taken not to boil.
This tea is known for its expectorant, throat softening effects. It is brewed as a helpful tea to get rid of cough.
It also helps to relax the stomach. And supports immunity.
It is known that these flower parts of the plant contain high vitamin C and are rich in flavonoides. For this reason, the flowers of onion grass are widely used in the drug and supportive food industry.

Is onion grass moth grass the same? Yes, they are different names of the same plant in different regions. However, moth grass is a name used for many different plants such as gold grass.
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When will moth come out? Harvest begins when the plant is blossomed. Flowering of the plant corresponds to the beginning of summer. Onion grass flowers can be harvested during June and July.
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