What is Panchakarma? According to the Panchakarma Detox Ayurveda medicine, the normality of the three doshan, which represents the nervous system, metabolic system and the nutrition system, is defined as a healthy state. In other words, the state of illness is not the exact equivalent of health and is not enough.
This 3 dosha keeps the human body, mind and emotions in balance.
When the sensitive balance between the doshas is broken, diseases are manifested.
Toxins are excreted from the body with Ayurvedic Cleaning.
In addition, excess vata, pita and kapha in the tissues are transmitted to the digestive system to remove from the body.
This removes the blockage of the channels and helps to restore the balance.
This Ayurvedic Cleaning is known as Panchakarma, which means exactly five actions or procedures of the word.
It is simply defined as a method of cleaning all unwanted waste from the body after lubricating the body.
This treatment is considered preventive and healing for various diseases.
What are the benefits of Panchakarma? Cleaning toxins in the entire body system
Have balanced doshas
Reaching the healed digestive system
Winning an advanced immune system
Reduce stress levels
Anti -aging effects
Supporting skin health
Weight loss (if needed)
Have a developed awareness
Panchakarma Detox procedure (ponchocarma) The full process of Panchakarma includes the following three steps:
Poorva mixture
Pradhan Karma
Easter mixture

Poorva mixture
This is a necessary preliminary preparation procedure before the main treatment to soften the tissues.
The toxins dissolved in the accumulated fat are liquefied and flow into the digestive system.
This step prepares the person for the main procedure of Panchakarma mentally and physically.
Includes three protocols:
Pachan Karma: Heals healing herbs and fasting, improves digestion, and can be digested to liquefy fat -soluble toxins.
Snehan Karma: To aggravate and liquefy the toxins that are soluble in the fat accumulated in deep tissues, the person with increased doses of drugs is given.
SWEDAN Mixed: Full body steam bath is given so that the body channels are opened and heat is allowed to liquefy toxins further. This facilitates movements from tissues to digestive system.
Pradhan Karma
This is the main Panchakarma, a highly personalized five -stage procedure depending on needs, age, digestive power, immune system and other factors.
This intense Panchakarma procedure can only be performed under the guidance of a compliance Ayurvedic practitioner.
The five mixed used to clean the whole body are:
Vamanam (therapeutic vomiting): Induced vomiting that helps to clean the upper GI path to the duodenum (end of the stomach) and to some of the respiratory tract.
Virechanam (Cleaning): Induced cleaning cleanses the GI path from the duodenum to exit.
Anuvasana (Enema using medicated fat): The oil enema helps to lubricate the rectal area and to throw the oil -soluble waste out through the anus.
Nasyam: It is the inhalation of medicated substances that help to remove the respiratory tract and nasal sinuses from the nose.
Easter mixture
This is a post -therapy diet regime to return the body’s digestion and suction capacity to normal state.
Rejuvenating treatments include lifestyle management, diet management and purchase of herbal supplements.
Includes the following procedures:
Sansarjan Karma: It is food therapy after detoxification aiming to gradually increase the patient’s diet from liquids to semi -solids, to a normal diet.
Rasayan Adi Prayogam: A rejuvenating treatment that helps to increase natural immunity.
Shaman Chikitsa: It is the therapy of calming with healing herbs and lifestyle management.
It is important to state that a Panchakarma procedure is specially designed for one person after a comprehensive physical examination.
Therefore, there is no universal package for everyone. These treatments may take at least 7 days and may extend up to 21 days. It is applied only and only by certified experts.
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