Perlator is a small metal apparatus that we can use in almost all kinds of taps in our homes and workplaces. This apparatus works by mixing air into the flowing water. It makes water abundant oxygenated. This provides an increase in the intensity of water.
Perlator, which allows us to benefit from flowing water better, brings water combs.
Because of this feature, it is also referred to as “water saving apparatus ..
Perlator is suitable for use in both kitchens and bathrooms. It can also be attached to shower heads. Perlators of players are also available.
By spending less water, it is easy to supply the apparatus that provides the same efficiency we need. It can be easily found from horseshoes, hardware, building markets, shops selling materials related to water installation. Or order over the internet. The apparatus is usually affordable. It can also be purchased in multiple packages. There are a wide variety of different brands.
How to use a perlator? How to Clean? The use of perlator does not cause any negativity in your life. Cleaning is quite simple. Remove the apparatus by turning it out even every six months. Accumulated stones, sand, lime and so on. Clean the ingredients by washing. If there is calcification, you can use lime solvent.
This simple cleaning will eliminate a possible blockage, pressure loss.

How much productivity provides? This ratio may vary depending on the pressure and pressure of the water flowing from your banana. On average, there is a water saving of 30 %to 50 %. As the pressure and pressure increases, the yield increases at that rate.
This means that depending on the use of this small apparatus, it is possible to save an average of 1000 liters of water per month!

How to install water saving apparatus? It is quite simple to wear. And since its dimensions are universal, an apparatus can be used for almost any tap. However, at this point there is a matter that can cause confusion.
Taps and apparatus are two types: female and male. Male apparatus to female taps and female apparatus should be attached to male taps. If your apparatus and tap is a female – or vice versa – it causes mismatch.
Usually the apparatus are sold with a small transformative piece to convert female and male apparatus. This piece comes out of the box. If a deadline can also be reluctant at an affordable price and apparatus can be easily converted.
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